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Making Progress Against FIP – Original Post and Follow-up Posts at Zen By Cat

Making Progress Against FIP   Addendum to the Above Post Regarding GC376 & EVO98   I have been asked to share this update here on my blog, since I have so many people following Luna’s progress pertaining to her FIP diagnosis and successful drug trial that has left her cured of FIP over one year now.  July 23rd 2018 will… Read more →

FIP New Drug Trial: Two Weeks Off and Holding Strong!

Today marks the end of week #2 off the FIP antiviral trial drug (Nucleoside Inhibitor of Reverse Transcription).  Luna will turn 7 months old on August 9th.  She is gaining weight everyday thanks to her improved appetite. Her temperature has remained within normal range and there is no sign of ascites in her abdomen.  Her energy level is off the… Read more →

Luna is 6 Months Old! Week #10: FIP New Drug Trial Update

So here we are, in the home stretch of the injections and now 6 months old!  It’s hard to believe we started this all at the age of 15 weeks and how far she has come and how much closer UCD and Dr. Pedersen are to what could be a cure for the dreaded effusive/wet FIP nightmare! Luna is thriving,… Read more →

FIP Palliative Treatment Update

Luna is stable on the Interferon and Prednisone for now.  Her abdomen is still quite fluid retained, she sleeps alot, but she is still eating and occasionally nosing around “wanting” to get into things and play, she just has very little energy. On a positive note, I’ve been researching my butt off (because I do not give up that easily… Read more →

Owning a Savannah Cat

I hope you enjoy this list as much as I have compiling it!  The Savannah Cat community on Facebook “Savannah Cat Enthusiasts” is a wonderful resource for the new Savannah owner! Please feel free to add any new advice, tips or suggestions to the comments below and I will add them to this list!  This is the advice that I… Read more →

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