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Adventures in Savannah Cat Ownership

Post-op Spay Surgery

Out With a Bang: New Drug Trial Update

Luna’s last injection is tomorrow!!!!!!  It’s hard to believe we have made it to this point.  With that said, these last 2 weeks haven’t been as easy as the first 10, and here’s why. We were really hoping that Luna would make it through her 12 weeks of the trial drug before having her first estrus cycle.  We knew she’d be… Read more →

An Unexpected Outcome

Since Luna came into our lives, every blog post I’ve written focuses on her FIP and the drug trial. What I haven’t shared about our little sweetie, is how Luna joined our family earlier this year.  We have a habit of doing things the hard way and for us, buying a specific breed of cat and having things go easy, was… Read more →

Luna’s Initial FIP Diagnosis & Lab Results

Many people have asked me to post Luna’s symptoms and diagnostics that led to her FIP diagnosis, so here it is! I had asked our vet, during Luna’s routine check-up and second Felo-vax vaccine, if she thought her abdomen might look slightly distended.   It appeared to me to now be bloated as it had not been like that when… Read more →

Luna is 6 Months Old! Week #10: FIP New Drug Trial Update

So here we are, in the home stretch of the injections and now 6 months old!  It’s hard to believe we started this all at the age of 15 weeks and how far she has come and how much closer UCD and Dr. Pedersen are to what could be a cure for the dreaded effusive/wet FIP nightmare! Luna is thriving,… Read more →

Luna’s First Hike – Appalachian Trail Tennessee/North Carolina Border

This is just too adorable not to share.  We have been wanting to take Luna camping and hiking, but when she got FIP, those plans were squelched; for what we thought would be forever.  Look at us now!  Dr. Petersen has to be grinning ear to ear right now. When we were making the decision to get a Savannah cat,… Read more →

FIP Stuff & Luna Randomness

As we approach the half-way mark of the injections (6 of 12 weeks), I can’t help but feel more optimistic than ever that Luna may actually have beaten effusive FIP; my gut tells me that she has anyways.  I don’t really have a lot to report since she isn’t due for her next set of labs for another 3 weeks.… Read more →

FIP New Drug Trial: Luna’s 5-Week Post-Trial Update & Lab Check

Well my friends, the good news just keeps coming.  I’m happy to announce that Luna’s most recent set of labs are perfect!  The anemia has completely resolved, her platelets are now normal, her white cell count is still normal, and the white cell differential is perfect.  This draw included a chemistry to check her liver to make sure there is… Read more →

Luna Meets the Toilet for the First Time

Mom was careless late last night and left the toilet seat up.  I took full advantage and played in it while mom and dad slept (the “yellow had mellowed” and there was all this cool, gooey toilet paper too).  They are so considerate to not flush and wake each other up.  It was perfect! But Dad heard me sloshing around… Read more →

Out On a Limb

When we were awaiting our Savannah cat to come home after being born, we wanted to find a cool structure for the cat to enjoy, that wasn’t the typical carpeted cat tree; but something artistic and cool.  One day while we were walking in some woods close to our home where the water had receded.  That’s when we saw “the tree”… Read more →

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