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    Luna’s First Beach Visit

    Luna at Lake Superior Beach

    Approaching her one year FIP Survival Anniversary (the anniversary of her final trial drug injection)!

  • Savannahgans

    Savannah Cat Art – Print # 1 of 2.

    Jacq Luttrelle‘s artwork and Jamison Roberts‘ craftsmanship created a beautiful display for our Savannah home. He used exotic leopard wood to create a very heavy, quality frame for the poster print.  The special hanging bracket also protects against “savandalism”!  The print is 18×24 and the finished product is 22.5×28.5. We will consider making these frames for special orders in the future… Maybe!  To order this print and others like it, visit Jacqueline’s website at www.wildwhims.com.

  • Luna's FIP UCD Trial,  Savannahgans

    Celebrating One Year of Luna!

    One year ago today, we brought this adorable little lady, Luna, home and she stole our hearts with her personality, antics, and social skills. What a whirlwind year it has been! Who knew on this exciting day that in just 4 weeks, she’d be at death’s door with an incurable disease and just days to weeks to live…and that we’d then be flying her to California for a drug trial…would then give her daily injections for 12 weeks…and that that drug would cure her and she’d become a notable little icon for what could one day be a cure for Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

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  • Luna's FIP UCD Trial,  Savannahgans

    Radio Interview on Steve Dale’s Pet World on Luna

    Steve Dale’s Pet World – Luna the Cat in Remission from FIP – aired 1/13/2018 . (click the link to be directed to actual audio interview)

    Luna the Cat in Remission from FIP



  • Luna's FIP UCD Trial,  Savannahgans


    I am delighted to get to write another positive post about Luna’s trial and milestones, but more than anything, I’m elated to be saying that we are about to celebrate this sweet Savannah girl’s first birthday tomorrow, January 9th, 2017!

    We feel so much gratitude that we still have her with us (now over five months since her final injection) and we truly appreciate all you who have been so supportive and encouraging this past year.  Luna, and the other cats in her trial who are thriving, are a symbol of hope that the researchers are closer than ever to finding a cure for effusive FIP.  Even though the news and updates seem few and far between, please know that the research and work on curing FIP is never-ending and one day soon, more cat’s lives will be saved.

    Below is a timeline of Luna’s first year of life.  Some photos are sad to look at, but the focus is on the end result; a beautiful, sleek, healthy, playful, girl whose spunky personality is second to none.  She is spoiled, I’m not going to lie.  She can do no wrong.  She almost died and not one second of that is taken for granted; therefore, she is the queen!  Happy 1 year birthday to our Diva Queen “Luna-tic”!


  • Luna's FIP UCD Trial,  Savannahgans

    Luna’s Drug Trial Update: 16 Weeks Out & 6+ Months FIP-Free.

    I apologize for the lag in updates, but each day that I see more and more cats losing their battles with FIP and owners having to say goodbye to their beloved cats, it gets harder and harder for me to write such upbeat and positive blog posts.  I can’t lie.  I get overwhelmed with guilt that Luna was saved, while so many still can’t be, and to know firsthand that there is a cure and that it could still be years before it can be approved, manufactured, and commercially available.  I know that is not the way I should think or feel, but celebrating Luna’s life and the success of this trial also brings up those emotions too.  Just know that I don’t take this cure for granted and that everyday I continue to read and follow all the stories on the FIP Fighters page.  Some days I can comment and other days it kills me to even go there.  I don’t take this success lightly and I know that we are extremely lucky having been in the right place, at the right time.  I love to share the updates because I also know that it gives hope to all cat owners who worry everyday about their cat getting this dreadful disease and that for those whose cats lost the fight, the knowledge that someone out there is working hard to stop this maddening disease.  I cannot keep this amazing progress to myself and not share it with so many who have supported not only us with Luna, but the other cats/owners who were also able to enroll their cats in this trial who choose to remain out of the spotlight.

    On another happy note, it’s been a true joy to watch Luna get acclimated with the two new Savannah buddies that we got for her in October.  She was a little monster to them the first five days, but once we removed the quarantine barriers and just let them go at it, everything came together about as perfectly as it could have.

    For those who haven’t met the whole brood; Luna (FIP survivor, F3 generation) is ten months old and 9# 5oz.  Titan (an F3 generation like Luna) is eight months old and 9# 12oz., and little Calypso (“Cally”, an F5 generation silver Savannah) is almost five months old and is 5# 6oz.  There is never a dull moment in our house now with three…and we never expected to own three…two maybe, but not more.  It has worked out perfectly and we are very glad that when we visited the cattery of Savannarama in northern California to pick up Calypso, little (big) Titan attached himself to us and left us no choice by to add him to the family as well!

    They play hard, run fast, sound like thunder and are always hungry.  It’s our understanding that Savannah cats can grow for 2-3 years, so we are just getting started.  Luna’s appetite has really taken off since she’s been off of her daily injections too.  It’s the best sight to see and hear them chasing one another around, wrestling, grooming, playing, and ultimately, SLEEPING!

    Luna on the left, Cally on the right and Titan in the back.
  • Luna's FIP UCD Trial,  Savannahgans

    Luna’s FIP Trial Success Continues: Introducing Savannah Kittens Titan & Calypso (“Cally”)

    We are excited to announce the addition of two new, amazing Savannah kittens to our family; but mostly, for Luna so that she now has some partners in Savandalism and Savannahgans!  (now that we feel confident about her future).

    We have wanted to get her a buddy for some time, but since her diagnosis with FIP, we just weren’t sure if that was a safe thing to do; both for her health and for the health of the future cats.  Since it appears that Luna’s FIP has been resolved (everyone is still hesitant still to call her “cured”) it was deemed safe to proceed with the addition of another feline friend.

    After months of communication with a breeder in northern California (who had reached out to us when we took Luna to UCDavis to start her drug trial), we were able to make it happen and spent three days visiting and bonding with all the wonderful kittens and cats.  We chose a female silver Savannah, whom we named “Calypso” or Cally for short, to join our family.  She is now 17 weeks old and absolutely adorable!  She is dainty, mild-mannered, and a bit on the shy side, but is fitting in quite nicely.  When we visited the cattery of Savannarama, in beautiful northern California, there was an older kitten that kept clinging to us and it seemed like he would like to come home with us too!  This green-eyed hunk of muscle is named is “Titan” and he is seven months old; already the size of Luna!  Luna is now 9 months old; so hard to believe!

    We never imagined we would have two Savannahs, let alone three!  Titan is a very affectionate and demanding boy who is built solid and strong and can jump high.  We have a feeling that will be a big, tall cat, judging by how much he has grown in just the last three weeks and how insatiable his appetite has been!  Cally is happy-go-lucky and has no problem keeping up with the big kids and even though it seems like they wrestle and play rough, she keeps jumping back in for more.  Both of them baby her by taking turns grooming and cuddling with her.  It’s so fun to watch.  Going from never having pets to now three Savannahs has been a fun adjustment for we empty-nesters!  We are quite thankful that we have a cat-loving, dear friend as a neighbor who happily looks after them when needed.  We are thinking about taking all three of them camping soon so Luna can show them how it’s done!

    Rewind three weeks.  When we arrived home with two kittens, Luna was NOT happy.  She hissed and growled like nothing we have ever heard from her.  She was very displeased, but we knew to expect this behavior.  We opted not to take her with us on this trip to get the kitten(s) as we did not want to cause her the stress of having to meet her new buddies in a strange place and also while traveling such a long distance.

    The bickering through the door went on for about five days off and on with short bouts of letting them see one another.  Anytime we would try to introduce the pair (who were already bonded) to, Luna, she would attack them and make those frightening noises that we never heard from our sweet angel!  However, when we would separate them again, she would try to see them under the door and cry to get in with them!  Finally, we opened the door and let all three out to run around the house and duke it out.  That was all it took; a few hours of hissing, hiding, lunging, growling, wrestling, biting, and running at full speed.  And that was that.  It took roughly 5 days to acclimate them all and we couldn’t be happier seeing Luna thriving and interacting with her new friends.  Oh…and I’ll sneak in that we are now three months off her FIP trial drug too!



  • Luna's FIP UCD Trial,  Savannahgans

    Luna’s Drug Trial Update: 10 Weeks Out and Labs Are Perfect!

    If you are new to following Luna’s progress or new to the FIP world, you can catch up by reading Luna’s backstory here:  Luna’s FIP Story

    The great progress just keeps coming!  Luna will be 9 months old on October 9th.  She just had her labs drawn yesterday (last draw was 6 weeks ago) and every single component was perfectly within normal range.  These are best and most stable results she has had to date!  (and they have always been good)!   She is growing in weight and stature (almost 9 pounds now) and has actually gotten a little bit “fluffy” around the mid-section, which we have watched closely to make sure it’s weight gain/growth and not a relapse!   We hope it’s just a growth spurt and that she will level out as she approaches the one year mark.

    What will likely help with this is new weight gain, is that we got her two new sibling Savannah kittens this past week, whom I will introduce in another post.  That should keep her energetic and active for sure!

    We really do feel that it won’t be long before we can confidently say that Luna has been cured of effusive FIP.  We will probably never let our guard down completely, but my gut and heart tells me that this drug is going to put an end to the curse of effusive FIP once and for all!



  • Luna's FIP UCD Trial,  Savannahgans

    Luna’s FIP Trial: Crazy 8’s

    Luna is now 8 months old!  She continues to do exceptionally well and is now 8 weeks off her anti-viral trial drug.  She is eating like a horse and weighs 8.3 lbs now.  She is keeping us on our toes with her constant antics and energy. Every day that she behaves this way is just a step closer to accepting that she has most likely been cured of her effusive FIP!

    Don’t forget to take part in my survey if you’ve lost a cat, or cats to FIP.  I am leaving the survey open for 30 days and will share the results once tallied.



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