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The Ghost of Motherhood Past-Little League Edition

My run this evening took me on a paved trail  the many ball fields, all loaded with little kids learning about rules, competition, teamwork, sweat, dirt, foul balls, blocked bases, athletic cups, and endless days of being a slave to a sport vs. free playtime. Some kids are there by choice and some are there by means of parental bribe to… Read more →

“Patriot’s Day” Movie (The 2013 Boston Bombing)

We watched the movie “Patriot’s Day” last night and I have to say, reliving our experience of the Boston Bombing was uncomfortable. I guess there is a lot that Jamie and I blocked out, yet we have always known that we cut it close and are very fortunate to be spared from injury. It was crazy seeing in the movie,… Read more →

Reflections of the Boston Bombing…A Timeline From That Day, April 15, 2013

I was going through my emails and files this morning, organizing and came across this timeline that my husband Jamie created following the aftermath of that dreadful day that we will never forget.  I wanted to put this someplace safe; my blog made the most sense.  I ran the race that day…Jamison was my support crew of one.  I had… Read more →

My Muscle Car

When I bought my bucket listed red mustang in 2012, at the age of 45; a 2009, 45th anniversary GT in red, fully loaded, and only sporting 11k miles, I had just met my beautiful friend, Teri, a fellow runner and red Mustang owner.  Teri had this fun idea to do a photo shoot with our “twins” before one of our runs.  We even bought matching outfits for the occasion!

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