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Mommie Dearest (1981)

I’ve decided to start watching some of the older, classic movies that I’ve never watched.  I started off with a real doozie: “Mommie Dearest”.  This movie, starring Faye Dunaway is about the life of actress, Joan Crawford and displays narcissism at its finest and encompasses alcoholism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and parental abuse; while being able to receive respect and a positive… Read more →

26 Reasons You Should Call Your Mom Often (no, not every day!)

Your mom was your first friend (for most). As cliché as it might sound, she’s been there for you through thick and thin — standing behind you with Advil when you first tightened your expander; encouraging your dreams of stardom when you joined that terrible band; holding you as you wept over your first broken heart. She’s your biggest fan and never fails… Read more →

Can’t We Just Give The Man A Chance?

Today and tomorrow will undoubtedly be “stay off Facebook, ignore the media kind of days” as it’s going to be nothing but whining, bitching, complaining, debating, blaming, arguing, and casting stones at our new president. The people have made their choice and now it’s time to be respectful and give the man a chance, just like we did with Obama and… Read more →

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