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A Tribute To My Father – His 80th Birthday

Dad, today you would have been 80! We would have celebrated YOU with a huge party! You would have started your day with 18 holes of golf first, because today is a beautiful, perfect day for it and you’d never waste a perfect golfing day with your buddies. Our family would have celebrated you together; the only way you would… Read more →

Family Estrangement…Reblog (not written by me, but I could have!)

I Am Permanently Estranged From My Toxic Mother, But I’m Still Sad We Aren’t Close   Anonymous author   I look at my beautiful daughter and wonder how I could ever feel anything but love and respect for her.  I always want to be her safe place and someone she can trust with her entire being. Then I look at… Read more →

If Mother’s Day Is Hard For You; You Are Not Alone

I guarantee that someone you know is faking a smile, hiding her tears, or sitting in her silent home, dreading this day beyond words, so let’s not forget them.  Also, lets not forget those amazing women (many are non-mothers) all around us and throughout our lives who have taught us about love, life, and motherhood. If I may be real for a moment,… Read more →

My Kid’s Answers About Me (Mom)

I have to repost this from March 10, 2009.  I gave my kids this list of questions (from one of those Facebook  and asked them to answer them. T heir responses were the funniest things I’ve ever read.  7 years later, they are still hilarious and very special to me. My kid’s answers about me… March 10, 2009 at 10:18pm… Read more →

If I could have them back for one day, who would it be?

My Dad.  There was so much we needed to talk about when he got so sick, so fast; unfortunate timing and trying to get him better was the priority.  I was not about to burden him with my troubles. Things would be very different with my family today if he were still here.  I have no doubt in my mind… Read more →

Basic Training Poem 

Eight weeks doesn’t seem all that long. That final day comes that I say “goodbye and be strong”. Lackland is happening, you will soon pay your dues.  I attend “the parent talk” from your superiors” before dropping leaving you at CMH and facing my empty nest blues. I know the great things this new journey will bring.  I’m obsessing and… Read more →

Remembering My Dad…

Ways I remember my Dad; yes, those are bowling trophies :o)

Ways I remember my Dad; yes, those are bowling trophies :o)

FullSizeRender 2

While I try to not get wrapped up in “Hallmark holidays” because I feel it’s important to do special things or celebrate as often as possible, not just one day a year. It’s still hard when you see and read about all the celebrations going on around you.

I miss my Dad, big-time. He was truly a wonderful man inside and out. I used to go to the bowling alley with him every Monday night, for what seemed like years, when he bowled on his league so that I could run around and see friends and eat junk food there. It was that one school night that it was ok being up/out late as he didn’t get done until 11:00 p.m. It was a long 3 hours every week, but I loved going and he always toted me along. He was a good bowler and he took it seriously, like everything else he did.

My other favorites memories are when he would pull my sister and I on the sled attached to his riding lawn mower, how we would hoof it up into the deep woods, for what felt like miles, to find the perfect Christmas tree, and how we once we built a fire on a frozen swamp (not a pond, a big swamp) in the snow (pictured). I’m not sure why we did that, but it was fun and the kind of stuff that kids today would probably never think to do. He worked hard. We rarely took family vacations and they were usually to the horse races, (which I as a horse-lover anticipated with excitement), but when we did go and we weren’t at the track, he wanted to relax in the hotel, watching TV.  I never understood or liked it because we always wanted to go do things, like swim, but this was finally his time to rest. I get it now. Now that I know the rigors of a demanding, physical job.

He had a smile that matched his big heart. He was always ready to help out a friend or one of his girls when something needed fixed or built. The only photo missing here is one of him golfing and woodworking. He took those up when he retired (which he did early, lucky for him) and loved doing both. I recall when his golf buddies had a falling out and he had to start splitting his time evenly between them, and he played several times each week, taking turns with them. He always hoped they’d reconcile so that they could resume playing together, but regardless, he still remained friends with both. That’s just the kind of person he was. Here’s to you Dad, I know you would’ve gotten a kick out the personalized Coke bottles!

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