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Luna’s Followers

Good morning! I am having an issue with spam subscribers adding themselves to my site and getting past my spam blocker. I’m about to clean house, so if you are a legitimate subscriber to my blog site, especially those who follow Luna’s progress, please post […]

Best 13.1 yet…

Our last long run on Oct. 1st was our best 13 mile training run ever and a great way to mark the end of our training before the big day. 1:57 was the time and 8:57 the pace. I think we’re ready!

Boring Taper Ten

With only 15 days left till marathon, it’s time to start the taper…fewer weekly miles and shorter longer runs. This week called for 13 for the long run but Cindy and I couldn’t seem to hook up so we did them separately. I opted to […]

Indiana Jones 20 Miler

This past Sunday, Ohio experienced a little bit of Hurricane Ike with 50-75 mph winds that caused mass destruction of trees, roofs & power lines leaving many communities without powerfor what is now the 3rd day and counting! (we were only out for 24 hours). […]

Another 18 miler down and first toenail bites the dust!

So yesterdays’ 18 ended with about 90 degrees and a nice air quality alert that was pretty obvious for the majority of the run. I found it near impossible to get a good deep breath most of the time. 2:56 was the finish at a […]

13 is the new “3”

Last Wednesday was a great day. It was long run day and we “only had to do 13″…funny how now that we’ve done 16, 18 & 20, 13 now feels like 3! Just a few short months ago the idea of running 13 made me […]

Divide & Conquer ~ 20 Miler

Today was an unusual long-run day but a very successful one! Karlee had her first Cross Country meet of the season at 10:20 today in Granville. This was also the only day that Cindy and I could get together for our scheduled 20 mile training […]

A GREAT 12 miler!

Wednesday, August 13th was a great day…perfect, cooler weather, virtually pain-free run and in our best “training” time yet for a 12 miler! I finally managed to squeeze 30 miles in last week which is actually pretty good considering how busy I’ve been with getting […]

23 Mile Bike Ride…

30 miles of running last week and this week started off this morning with a 23 mile bike ride with Brenda to Granville and back. We had breakfast & coffee halfway through. It was a nice break from running. I could really get into biking […]

18 miles…almost!

Monday was 18 mile day. I wondered if I’d get through it without the hip pain. I’m really starting to worry if I’m going to be able to run the marathon this October. Last week was tough in that I was only able to complete […]