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Our quest to run a key race in all 50 states! 12 down, 33 to go!

Columbus 1/2 Marathon course partially recovered 13.21 mi 01:54 08:37 pace

2 weeks after our full at St. George, who would think we’d feel up to running 13 miles? Well, it was a last-minute effort and despite 4 hours of sleep after being at a Halloween party, I put my best foot forward with my hubby Jamison R. and we both towed the line and decided to see where we were… Read more →

50 States Racing: Pennsylvania (3rd race in PA)

IMG_0515Well, I tIMG_0463IMG_0492hought I might be ready to “somewhat race” this distance since my piriformis and hamstring haven’t really been all “that bad” lately on my training runs in comparison to how they were this past spring and summer, but I would be wrong.  Also, I “sort of raced” a 5k yesterday, taking it somewhat easy, but I guess maybe even easy was a bit much to be trying to half it today.

I started out the first 5k at a decent clip; mindful of course, that today I also didn’t intend to all out “race” this since I have a marathon in 3 weeks and now this searing pain in my butt and leg have intensified again.  BUT, I did expect to at least put out a respectable 1:50-1:52 seeing that last year I ran a 1:46 on this course. I was so done way early in and contemplated many times having my first DNF.  But, many things went through my head as I struggled and I decided I would absolutely hate myself if I gave in to my discomfort so easily.  I decided to view the glass half full and stop feeling sorry for my pains and enjoy the absolutely pristine running weather we were blessed with as well as my upcoming travel/marathon plans to Arizona, Nevada and Utah with Jamison in just 3 short weeks.  We are running in Utah (where I ran my 28 minute PR of 3:42 last year and earned my spot this and next year in to Boston and where he will cross Utah also off his list).

It’s rough knowing that it’s going to be such a tough race for me this year and that I’ll be lucky if I can even break 4 hours this time, but I am thankful that I can still run and know that this injury will eventually “run it’s course” and that I can’t let it beat me down.  I am very proud of all the runners in my group who also enjoyed yesterday’s fantastic weather and beautiful course, achieved some BQ;s &/or endured some rough obstacles to finish: Cindy, Mike S., Lisa D., Dave, Brandon B., Ken, Carrie& John J.

Boston Marathon 2013

This was an unforgettable experience…Thankful, happy, sad, surreal, proud, blessed, mad, relieved, confused, pissed that such evil lurks in our world…just a ball of emotions surround my first ever Boston Marathon experience and the tragedy that came with it.  I can’t stop thinking about the innocent victim and all the runners from that day who went to Boston with pride… Read more →

Boston Marathon 2013

Name Michel, Debra (USA) age group Female 45-49 bib number 17848 Age 46 State OH totals place (M/W) 6548 place (ag) 989 place (total) 16815 time total (net) 04:05:32 time total (gun) 04:11:52 splits Split time of day time diff min/mile miles/h 5K 10:52:10AM 00:25:50 25:50 08:19 7.22 10K 11:18:35AM 00:52:15 26:25 08:30 7.06 15K 11:45:47AM 01:19:27 27:12 08:46 6.85… Read more →

2012 Hot Chocolate 15K – Columbus, OH – November 18th, 2012

2012 Hot Chocolate 15K – Columbus Columbus, OH – November 18th, 2012 15K Age:   45   Results:Total Time:  1 hour 12 minutes 54 secondsPace Per Mile:  07 minutes 50 seconds per milePlace:  282Division Place:  10 / 229Gender Place:  112 / 2232Splits:5K:  24 minutes 18 seconds10K:  48 minutes 22 seconds Read more →


BibRave Race Review I did it!!!! Yay me!!! 7th marathon, 10 years running…my 51st race…I did it!!!  I needed 3:55 and blew it out of the water! 28 minute marathon PR!  I left all I had in the beautiful southern Utah mountains and enjoyed sharing this journey with my friends & fellow BQers Brandon and Carrie (who has ran Boston… Read more →


This is my worst marathon time…ever, but a very hard-earned race in 80 to 90 degree temps. Thank you everyone for your support and concern…I got back to 30 texts and a ton of Facebook messages. I ran smart like I promised and I chucked Boston at mile 8.  The pacers in the race were even dropping back…getting replacement pacers at… Read more →

CRRC Winter Run 7.5 Miler

This isn’t quite how I’d planned for things to play out. The plan was to kick this courses’ butt & crush last years’ time BUT being that the hubs & I were up all night sick, I went to this race with the “final answer” to just chuck it [no pun intended] & be the photographer & cheerleader for the… Read more →

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