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Our quest to run a key race in all 50 states! 12 down, 33 to go!

My First Boston Marathon…An Unexpected Ending

If there’s one thing that I never expected to witness in my life, it would be an act of terror.  I certainly didn’t expect to witness such an act after I crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013.  What a tangled, twisted, emotional day that was and for so many reasons.  I was having a hard enough time… Read more →

Day #13 of 50. The Fastest “Long” Race I Ever Ran

The Hot Chocolate 15k (9.3 miles) November 18, 2012 OFFICIAL: 1:12:54 (7:50 pace).  Age 46 I totally rocked this race and had hardly ran at all in the five weeks since having qualified for Boston in Utah).  I asked my friend Peter from my running group if he would be so kind as to pace me during the race and he… Read more →

States Completed For Our “WeRun50” Challenge

*To the date of June 25th 2016, we have each completed 13 states* Alabama Alaska – Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon Arizona – Tuscon Marathon  Arkansas California – July 2013, Stinson Beach/San Francisco area, Double Dipsea (14+ miles, oldest race in the country) Colorado – Bolder Boulder Connecticut Delaware Florida – Feburary 2015, Tampa Gasparilla Michelob Ultra 4-Race Challenge, Half Marathon, 15k, 8k & 5k Georgia – July 2013, Peachtree 10k (largest 10k in the country) Hawaii –… Read more →

Ode To My Sub 4:00 Marathon

May 8, 2011 I WILL refrain from smart-ass comments & eye-rolling when my family & friends ask me “how long THIS MARATHON will be.” I WILL go to bed early every night during marathon week. No more “insomnia” marathons for me! I WILL eat healthy all week; no crap, not even the left-over Easter candy, including Peeps :o( I WILL… Read more →

Reflections of the Boston Bombing…A Timeline From That Day, April 15, 2013

I was going through my emails and files this morning, organizing and came across this timeline that my husband Jamie created following the aftermath of that dreadful day that we will never forget.  I wanted to put this someplace safe; my blog made the most sense.  I ran the race that day…Jamison was my support crew of one.  I had… Read more →

50 States Racing: Florida


Gorgeous and fun race series – ran on an injured hamstring.
Day #1: 15k and 5k back to back…kept these at an easy pace 9:28-9:37
Day #2: Half Marathon and 8k, back to back, 3min: 1min run/walk ratio then 1min: 3min walk/run ratio for the 8k.  This is definitely a race series I cannot wait to do again when I’m healthy and fit again!  Jamie nailed his series with a great comeback, our friends Barbara had a flawless half and Melanie ran a near PR for her half marathon!  Barbara now lives in Florida, so it was great to get to see her again and Melanie was there to race and visit Barbara so we spent a day exploring St. Petersburg, eating and visiting the aquarium.  Jamie and I were supposed to depart on a cruise on Monday, but it was cancelled due to the ship being stranded at sea 20 miles offshore in fog.  We were really looking forward to relaxing and celebrating, but instead, found ourselves without plane tickets back and a rental minivan instead.  So much for great planning!  The 5 medals are a nice addition to our bling collection. One for each race and one big one for doing all 4!

50 States Racing: Twin Cities Marathon – Minnesota 2014

BibRave Race Review Well, here’s marathon #3 for 2014 (4 for the last 12 months) in the books…and 4th one done with this dang achilles tendon knot. I am of course, not proud of what is my 4th worst marathon time to date (all 4 having been in the last 12 months) but I set a reasonable goal of 4:30… Read more →

50 States Racing: Maine


Pre-race on the bus up the mountain wearing our “throw-away” clothes


Post race-never so happy to be done run-walking a marathon!

This race was my second full in a month!  And yes, my Achilles is still injured BUT, it’s getting better. The knot has decreased in size and the pain has been bearable and some days, non-existent.  This was a beautiful, mountainous, scenic course with a net elevation loss that is touted to be fast, but in all honesty, there’s plenty of uphills to offset it.  The downhills look significant when you are driving the course, but on foot, they didn’t do much to help me.

I was able to run up through 16 miles before I had to incorporate some walking, which is better than Boston was last month.  I took it smart and easy, so not to tick off my achilles. I’m also completely out of shape so I set a 4:30 finish goal for this marathon.  (I set a sub 5:00 for Boston).  Crazy, since my whole running career, I set my sights on sub 4:00’s and hated anything over that! It’s funny how your perspective changes in the face of injury or what could be a lifelong running setback!  Jamie and I are enjoying our running journey of knocking off the 50 states and I’m very proud of him for running his second full marathon!  We are both re-setting our focus’ and preparing to make our comebacks this summer, with our next state being Minnesota this fall!  Oh…I made my first ever “pit-stop” in the weeds during the race.  Let’s just say the one and only gel that I consumed did not agree with my stomach.  I toughed it out as long as I could and never saw a porta-pot on the course aside from earlier on, so the first dirt road I saw, I veered off.  Thankfully, this race only had less than 800 runners and I was near the back of the pack, so no one busted me!! The weather was picture-perfect too. It was in the upper 40’s at the start and low 70’s at the finish, partly cloudy with peeks of sun, the slightest breeze.  The worst part was that after about 4 miles, they opened the roads back up to traffic so it was not pleasant having to run on the crumbling and uneven edges and dodging from road to edge…that might be what accounted for my extra distance on my Garmin.  While my time agreed with my chip-time, the distance a good mile more!  The finish was in front of a lumberyard in the small downtown of Kingfield and it was congested and tight with traffic, parked cars etc.  That was the only place there was crowd support aside from the water stops along the course, making this a peaceful and serene run (aside from the semi trucks and cars that buzzed by us!)

The whole state of Maine has about the same population of Franklin County, Columbus, OH, so it is very clean and unspoiled.  The mountain air was fresh and the altitude not bad enough to make it a struggle.  We stayed in a gorgeous, new Bed & Breakfast that was right on the course and just a few miles from the ski resort where you pick up your packet and hit the busses for the start.  All-in-all, a wonderful trip that included a scenic and long drive back via Canada.  I’m happy to have Boston and Maine behind me now and am looking forward to faster and less painful running days ahead this summer and fall!

50 States Racing: Louisianna

IMG_1345This was a toughy for me. With a big knot on my left Achilles, temp of 65 degrees at the start, 100% humidity and thick fog, acclimating to the heaviness of the air and warmth coming from sub-zero temps was a challenge.  You won’t find a flatter course, that I can guarantee!  I had good intentions of simply staying sub 2:00 so this was a shock.  Honestly, come mile 10 I simply did not care how I finished.  The Achilles pain was manageable as long as I didn’t try anything cute. I went out fast and maintained a decent clip for the first 5 miles.  Every time I felt the pull, I slowed way down.  The pain didn’t come until mile 10 and at that point, I just jogged it in.  I have no regrets about my pace or performance as I cannot and will not put my Boston marathon in jeopardy.

I have only 12 weeks left and my priority is healing this Achilles.  I seem to have gotten the piriformis under control finally…10 long months of dealing with that agony and sadly, cutting back on the miles and distance was the only way.  That cost me my fitness, stamina, endurance and about 15 lbs!  Jamison and I had a fantastic time exploring New Orléans and knocked off another state from our goal list.  He’s already ran here twice, so this was a repeat performance for him.  We had fantastic weather the entire long weekend until Monday when it got wicked cold.  Then 60’s-70’s on Fri., Sat. & Sun. was a welcome relief, so I will not complain about the race day weather!

50 States Racing: Virginia

BibRave Race Review   This was a tough race for me for a few reasons.  First, we drove all night Thursday after I worked 3-11 to get there Friday.  We tried to sleep, but couldn’t, so we went to eat twice with packet pick-up in between.  What was nice was being able to get up at 6:30 and walk out… Read more →

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