Cruise Ship Hacks: Creating A Lounger For Your Balcony

I have taken six Royal Caribbean (RC) cruises, with a balcony, since 2015 and just discovered you can make a lounger out of the two single chairs they provide! After posting this hack with photos on the RC Facebook page in January 2019, upon my return from Freedom of the Seas, it became clear that very few were aware of this very cool hack!

My only regret is that I figured this out on the last day and NOT when my husband was snoring so loudly, I dragged out all the extra linens and comforter from under the bed, and made a “nest” on the balcony so I could get a little sleep! As someone who hates sitting around the pool area with the mobs and fighting for chairs, I love being on our balcony when the sun finally shifts; albeit short, it is a delightful bit of bliss.

This discovery was made on Freedom of the Seas, so it will be interesting to see if the chairs on the other ships fold in this same manner. I am going on Navigator soon, so I will update this article once I investigate the chair situation on her balcony.

To make this amazingly comfortable lounger, simply lay the backs flat and push them together ‘seat to seat” to touch. It is quite comfortable and you can’t even feel the crack! [in the chair?]. I laid out my beach towels and a bed pillow, and thought I was in heaven!

I’d love comments and feedback from anyone who has tried this, along with what ship you were on! Happy lounging!



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