Do Not Buy Chinese Knock-Offs for GC376 and EVO984 (GS4441524). Here is Why (Reblog)

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Are you willing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on what is almost assuredly a fake to the real drug, having no idea of the purity, dosing, or duration, and no idea what’s actually in that syringe?Not only are these factors unknown, but it’s highly probable that the processes used to make these drugs are likely less than desirable, making them incapable of curing FIP. The Chinese knock-offs of these drugs may not have the same potency or they could cause irreversible damage to the cat because they have NEVER BEEN CLINICALLY TRIALED!

It’s a scam plain and simple. This is creating  “false evidence” to the population, investors, and to the potential drug companies who might have considered manufacturing it legitimately when this this “knock-off” doesn’t work. They could be led to believe that the real drugs won’t either…when we know they do, so why would we want to hinder their release and LEGITIMATE production?

The sale of these knock-offs could seriously jeopardize the entire process and people are falling for for it out of desperation and lack of knowledge and education. I get it, I was there, and I know the despair that comes with an FIP diagnosis. We got lucky and were simply in the right place and at the right time when our cat was diagnosed. I will forever pay it forward through education, fundraising for FIP research, and providing only factual data from valid publications and true research results; not personal opinion.

To reiterate, the Chinese drugs are NOT authentic and you have no idea what you are getting for your several thousand dollar investment. It is a fake knock-off created by those who are taking advantage of the hard work by U.S. researchers and developers; they did nothing to earn this right to manufacture and sell to the public. Do not be fooled or taken advantage of and if vets are prescribing or ordering this, it is an unethical practice on their part.

What I have yet to see is anyone posting that their cat was cured of FIP by using these knock-off drugs. For all you know you are giving your cat a saline injection of who only knows what. These fakers are preying on people’s emotions and desperation and they are damaging the future ability to legitimately bring these drugs to market.

I am well educated about both of the trial drugs, their successes, and have a cured cat from the second drug, EVO984. There is no way that I will ever recommend or support the use and sale of knock-off drugs and leeches stealing what has been decades of authentic and relentless work by the worlds’ top researchers.

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Why People Should Not Buy Knock-Off Drugs Online to Treat FIP

September 23, 2018

Why I believe people should NOT purchase GC376 or GS4441524 (also known as EV0984).

The anti-viral protease inhibitor GC376 was used in the first of two trials conducted at UC Davis and 5 out of 20 FIP kittens were put into long-term remission. A second trial was done with GS4441524 (also an anti-viral but interrupts the FIP at a different stage) and had even greater success. These two drugs are now in the long and torturous process of getting approval, both from the government and from the drug companies that have to agree to produce the drugs. Sadly, because the researchers had released the chemical formulas for these drugs at the beginning of their study, several Chinese companies have begun selling knockoff versions online. This is irresponsible and should be criminal. Not only is the purity and efficacy not known, but researchers believe that the process being used to manufacture these drugs renders them ineffective. That is, they may be chemically correct but will not be active against FIP. Further, and not insignificantly, there is no researched based dosing information to go with these drugs. It is exactly like going to a hospital and buying a very potent and expensive cancer drug and then having to figure out how much and how often to administer the drug. All outcomes will end in death or worse, increase the suffering of a sick FIP cat. Lastly, all these failures of the knock-off drugs could give the real drugs a bad reputation and derail the release of the actual drugs. For all these reasons, I do not believe buying these expensive knock off drugs is safe or effective and strongly urge people to resist this false promise.

I totally understand the heartbreak and the screaming voice inside saying “do something!” We at ZenByCat and many others are working hard to raise funds to help get these and other promising drugs to market as fast as possible. Until that day, the sad reality is FIP remains a fatal disease with only palliative treatments that may extend life but will not cure FIP.   Respectfully,



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