And Then There Were Four Savannah Cats

The Savannah House of Four-ers

It’s been a few weeks since this little sweetie came to live with us. On October 24th, 2018, we made room for one more. Miss Phoebe (formerly “Patches”) is Calypso’s full sister and littermate and was still in need of a loving home. She is an F5 Savannah Cat. Her spots are concealed under her beautiful autumn leaf and ginger-colored coat. This is what makes her nontraditional spotting both unique and beautiful.

Phoebe’s Big Adventure

Phoebe had a crazy adventure in the ten days prior to coming to live with us, when she managed to escape through the door, most likely got chased or spooked, and found herself stuck 50-60 feet up a tree, where she literally hung on out on a limb and clinging for her life for ten days!

Phoebe was unable to be reached by her breeder, Paul, as her height in the tree exceeded what his 20-foot ladder and climbing gear could safely reach. She was also far enough away from the ranch that it made it impossible for any type of rescue equipment to get to her (marsh and thickets and no road access).

Paul worked tirelessly several times a day trying to lure her down to him, but  his attempts were futile. He even hoisted a laundry hamper up to her with chicken as bait in an attempt to not only lure her into it, but to provide her with much needed nutrition. These attempts did not work and days continued to drift by, with her clinging to only a network of tiny branches, unable to eat, drink, go to the hamper, or make the straight vertical climb down.

On the tenth day of Paul going to check on her, Phoebe was nowhere to be found. She was not in the tree and there were no signs of predator activity; so there was still a little hope that she made it down unscathed. By this time, we had agreed that we would take her in if she were to survive this ordeal; being that she is our other cat Calypso’s sister and all. We were given the unfortunate news, while Paul continued to search for her with the help of his dogs.

Upon Paul’s return back to the house, Phoebe was found resting in the barn on top of a set of golf clubs, as if nothing had happened! She was given a few days to hydrate, eat, and rest from her crazy ordeal before flying on a plane to Ohio to come live with us.

Crates, Planes, and Automobiles

When I picked Patches/Phoebe up at the airport, following an entire day of flying with connections, she immediately started to purr in her crate. She was very calm on the ride home and during her few days of quarantine in our master bathroom; as if nothing had ever happened. Her only real stress, was the other three hissing, growling, and trying to get in the room to see her. It was obvious that she is tough as nails and used to being around numerous cats. This was nothing after what she had been through with the whole “ten days stuck in a high tree” saga.

Phoebe definitely used two of her nine lives last month…one when she got away and scaled the tree and went for ten days without food and water and the other, when she either fell from the tree or made her way down and back to safety. She’s a very lucky and thankful girl, and she knows it, because she has been perfectly well-behaved and docile since the day she arrived in her new home.



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