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Making Progress Against FIP – Original Post and Follow-up Posts at Zen By Cat

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Making Progress Against FIP


Addendum to the Above Post Regarding GC376 & EVO98


I have been asked to share this update here on my blog, since I have so many people following Luna’s progress pertaining to her FIP diagnosis and successful drug trial that has left her cured of FIP over one year now.  July 23rd 2018 will mark the one-year anniversary of her last EVO984 injection!  Luna is 17 months old today!  The team is working diligently to finalize the trial results and get these drugs to market…they are not giving up!!

Please visit to donate.  We have a monthly recurring donation in place ourselves.  It’s easy ti do and no amount is too small…we don’t even miss it from our account and the best part of monthly donations is knowing that we are giving back and paving the way, for more trials like Luna’s, that can not only cure future FIP cats, but to keep the research funding alive!  It is very expensive to perform these long trials on one cat and they have been able to trial 25-30 for each of the above drugs, thanks to your donations.  We know these drugs work, there is living proof; one being Luna, so continued support of the trial programs is necessary.  To all who have donated through one of the many methods listed here on my blog over the last year, our heartfelt thanks to you!!!!

5 thoughts on “Making Progress Against FIP – Original Post and Follow-up Posts at Zen By Cat

  1. Happy Anniversary sweet Luna, been watching you from afar, so happy you are enjoying your siblings & you are healthy. Looking forward to seeing you in 2019, you will get lots of hugs & kisses!!! Can’t wait!

  2. oh boy…I hate hearing this 🙁 I do know for a fact though, that there are no current or up and coming trials at UCD as I just touched base with them a few weeks ago. Luna’s trial has been closed for over a year as well as they are are working diligently to get these drugs to market. I wish I had better news for you and I understand your desperation; having been there . You might try Witchita State and Cornell to see if they have anything in the works . Please keep me posted on your baby. You might consider trying Doxycycline as I know of a case where that was used; although I’m not certain of the outcome. Where in Ohio are you? You can contact me via FB or as that will yield faster responses.

  3. Hello, I would like to contact you. We have a great deal in common, as I currently have a kitten under the expert care of Dr. Pedersen. We are not public right now, but I would like to contact you because I think we would have a great deal to share, with your dear Luna having gone through treatment.

  4. Hi Debra! My name is Jia and I live in Ohio. I read Luna’s story today, it is so encouraging and moving!
    Our cat, Cilang, is showing some symptom of FIP since the beginning of this June. As he was still eating (though less), I didn’t realize he was sick until last week when I noticed his belly was larger and larger. So last Wednesday I took him to an animal hospital and the emergency of OSU animal hospital. The vet believed it was FIP and took out 340ml of abdominal fluid and gave me some steroids to feed Cilang every day.
    Luckily, Cilang has been eating and drinking though he’s sleepy all day.
    I really don’t want to give up on Cilang and I’m trying all I could to make him better.
    Now Luna’s story gave me a great hope. Do you think I could try to contact Dr. Pedersen and her team to see whether Cilang could have an opportunity to join their experiment? Do you have their contact info?
    Please forgive me if it is too much to ask. I’m kind of desperate at this moment.
    Thank you so much for your time.

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