Luna's FIP UCD Trial,  Savannahgans

Radio Interview on Steve Dale’s Pet World on Luna

Steve Dale’s Pet World – Luna the Cat in Remission from FIP – aired 1/13/2018 . (click the link to be directed to actual audio interview)

Luna the Cat in Remission from FIP




  • runwyld66

    3 cats in 3 months is brutal and devastating. I can assure you, Dr. Pedersen and his team are working relentlessly to get these drugs approved and marketed. It really is a terrible scourge and I cannot wait until there is good news to share!

  • Paulette Pettigrew

    I am so glad Luna is in remission . Has I have had 3 cats died in 3 months from FIP of not knowing what it was as never heard of illness before. Now just need to get approval for vet across USA and Canada to proceed with all testing to find FIP and approval to treat feline. This would so great and such a relief for the owners. SO keep up the good work and push for legislation in all regarding this terrible feline disease (FIP).which is deadly.

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