Luna's FIP UCD Trial

Fundraiser for SOCKFIP @ UCD in honor of Luna’s Final Lab Draw. $1000 Goal. (She is 7+ Months Since Her Last Injection!)

Click Here To Donate to Luna’s current FIP Fundraiser on Facebook

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To learn more about SOCKFIP click here (Save Our Cats and Kittens from Feline Infectious Peritonitis).

As of March 7th, with a picture-perfect and FINAL set of lab results, our sweet Luna is now considered cured of her FIP, all thanks to Dr. Niels Pedersen at University of California, Davis and his 50+ years of dedication to FIP research.  To celebrate this amazing accomplishment, I’d like to lead a small fundraiser to SOCKFIP (Save Our Cats & Kittens From Feline Infectious Peritonitis) to help fund more studies like the one Luna just completed!

If you are able to donate on a recurring monthly basis beyond this fundraiser, please consider ZenByCat.  Give just $10 a month; you won’t even miss it!

Also, the Bria Fund and Winn Feline Foundation, provided grants to fund this trials.  To donate there, please visit the Bria Fund.

Regardless of where or how you choose to donate to fight FIP, please know that Jamison and I have been blown away by the ongoing support we have received from so many this past year throughout Luna’s diagnosis, drug trial, and the months that have followed.

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