Luna's FIP UCD Trial,  Savannahgans

Celebrating One Year of Luna!

One year ago today, we brought this adorable little lady, Luna, home and she stole our hearts with her personality, antics, and social skills. What a whirlwind year it has been! Who knew on this exciting day that in just 4 weeks, she’d be at death’s door with an incurable disease and just days to weeks to live…and that we’d then be flying her to California for a drug trial…would then give her daily injections for 12 weeks…and that that drug would cure her and she’d become a notable little icon for what could one day be a cure for Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

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  • Linda Oliver

    What a wonderful success story. And a beautiful girl. One day all kitties will be cured.

  • Denise Kornblatt

    Such a blessed day!! So happy for you and Luna. It truly is a miracle beyond my personal wildest dreams of a cure!

  • Diana Kiriakides

    That is wonderful news and each day I pray that this drug gets approved quickly so that my darling little kitty Zelena can also have a chance at having a beautiful long life and be saved from this horrid disease FIP. Still praying for a miracle ❤️🐾

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