FIP Fighters Poll Results on Type of FIP and Ages of the Cat at Diagnosis

The results of a Facebook Poll I took on the FIP Fighter Group Page in an effort to determine which type of FIP is the most prevalent. I received 466 responses. The result was that more cats were diagnosed with wet FIP and the most common age was under one year.


FIP Diagnosis All Age Groups Combined   # of Cats Percentage Notes
Total Wet FIP 251 54%
Total Dry FIP 154 33%
Total Combination FIP 36 8%
Total Uncertain FIP 25 5%
Total Number of Cats/Votes 466
FIP Diagnosis (Any Type) by Age Range Categories # of Cats Percentage Notes
Total FIP Age 0-1 Year 281 60%
Total FIP Age 1-5 Years 136 29% Many cats in this group are in the 1-2 year range in this category
Total FIP Age >10 Years 49 11%
Total Number of Cats/Votes 466

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