Happy First Birthday Luna! A Year in Review

I am delighted to get to write another positive post about Luna’s trial and milestones, but more than anything, I’m elated to be saying that we are about to celebrate this sweet Savannah girl’s first birthday tomorrow, January 9th, 2017!

We feel so much gratitude that we still have her with us (now over five months since her final injection) and we truly appreciate all you who have been so supportive and encouraging this past year.  Luna, and the other cats in her trial who are thriving, are a symbol of hope that the researchers are closer than ever to finding a cure for effusive FIP. Even though the news and updates seem few and far between, please know that the research and work on curing FIP is never-ending and one day soon, more cat’s lives will be saved.

Below is a timeline of Luna’s first year of life. Some photos are sad to look at, but the focus is on the end result; a beautiful, sleek, healthy, playful, girl whose spunky personality is second to none. She is spoiled, I’m not going to lie. She can do no wrong. She almost died and not one second of that is taken for granted; therefore, she is the queen! Happy one year birthday to our Diva Queen “Luna-tic”!


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  1. Stacey Damico -

    Reading Luna’s story is the first thing to give me hope and make me smile in the last week. This week my 6 month old kitten was diagnosed with FIP. We have an appointment with a specialist but the soonest he could see us is September 26th, which seems so far away and has me so stressed. Buster had a reaction to his second FVRCP shot which landed him in the ER, we almost lost him then, and much like Luna, hasn’t been the same since. My heart is completely shattered. I love this baby boy so much and I want to find anything that can give him a chance. Thank you for giving me some hope that he may still have one. I hope Luna is doing well and continuing to enjoy more great travel and adventures. Much love to you. ❤️

  2. Galina -

    Happy Birthday Luna! You are a real hope for so many of us who lost our precious fur babies ! Please keep us updated ! So happy for you ! ???

  3. runwyld66 -

    If he is eating and alert, please do not euthanize him. If you are on Facebook, please join a group called FIP Fighters. There are many FIP experts there as admins…post what you posted above along with any recent lab results. They will help you figure out if this is indeed FIP and not some other disease that mimics FIP. I will watch for your post and we can go from there. I am so sad that you are having to deal with this and I genuinely hope that it’s not FIP and something that can be treated.

  4. Sherry Bai -

    Hi, my baby cat is suffering from FIP-like symptoms such as constant fever and hydrothorax. Test came back as positive FCoV and vets here in China insists that it is equivalent to FIP and suggested euthanasia. I want to try my best to save him, right now he’s having antifebrile and diluretic injections daily. I can see that the hydrothorax is making it very difficult for him to merely breathe. Is there anything I can do to help my poor little angel? Could someone please help us, I’d do anything to save him, thank you so so much! My email address is sherybai@yah.net

  5. Thomas sorenson -

    Happy Birthday Luna. Thanks for the update.

  6. Kari Koens -

    Thank you so much for the update on Luna! It is a bit bittersweet – I wish so much I would have been able to save my Ziva from the awful FIP, but it makes my heart happy knowing that there IS hope that a cure will be found for this monster! <3

  7. Denise Kornblatt -

    Happy Birthday tears for the Queen Luna on her first birthday! Your right that some of the early pics were hard to see as I know all to well that look. But the transformation pics are nothing short of a miracle. Miss Luna and you deserves all the happiness and joy in the world today and always. And of course love to Titan , Calypso and Daddy too!

  8. Michele Rogel -

    Thank you for sharing all these superb pictures, I love that she has made her first birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Luna, to many many more!!! So happy for Luna’s family she is still with you & now has siblings to share her happy life!!!

  9. Camilla Owen -

    These pics make me so happy <3 Purr wishes to you sweet Luna girl. It's already the 9th here in Aus, so many many happy returns for your 1st birthday sweetheart. May there be many many healthy happy ones to come <3 Much love xxx

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