Luna’s Drug Trial Update: 10 Weeks Out, Labs Are Perfect!

If you are new to following Luna’s progress or new to the FIP world, you can catch up by reading Luna’s back story here:  Luna’s FIP Story.

The great progress just keeps coming!  Luna will be nine months old on October 9th.  he just had her labs drawn yesterday (last draw was 6 weeks ago) and every single component was perfectly within normal range. These are best and most stable results she has had to date!  (and they have always been good)!  She is growing in weight and stature (almost nine pounds now) and has actually gotten a little bit “fluffy” around the mid-section, which we have watched closely to make sure it’s weight gain/growth and not a relapse!  We hope it’s just a growth spurt and that she will level out as she approaches the one year mark.

What will likely help with this is new weight gain, is that we got her two new sibling Savannah kittens this past week, whom I will introduce in another post. That should keep her energetic and active for sure!

We really do feel that it won’t be long before we can confidently say that Luna has been cured of effusive FIP. We will probably never let our guard down completely, but my gut and heart tells me that this drug is going to put an end to the curse of effusive FIP once and for all!



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  1. Heather Ewing -

    It the drug trial still going on? My kitten has just been dx’d 10/29/2018….please give me the phone number. What about interferon? Im going to ask .

  2. runwyld66 -

    I completely understand and empathize with your situation. I can assure you that Dr. Pedersen and his team are working very hard to get these two drugs marketed, but the process is quite difficult…moreso than with human drugs in fact. EVO is the better of the two drugs, but they are trying to get them both out there. I’m just so sorry it’s not fast enough to help your baby 🙁

  3. Jamie Ebert -

    For me, it is both magical and heartbreaking reading your story. I am SO elated the Luna is well and living happily with her new siblings. I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart to know that we are on the precipice of progress relating to this horrible disease. However, we also have a beautiful little 9 month old Siberian kitten who has just been diagnosed with effusive FIP. I haven’t been able to track down any current trials utilizing Dr. Pedersen’s successful GC drug so alas, I feel helpless and just out of reach of a miracle. I wish it was possible to procure or be able to participate in a trial. I think the worst part for me right now is knowing that something exists that could potentially cure her or at least give her a healthy, happy, longer time and there isn’t any way for me to get it for her. The timing is just breaking my heart. I truly want to thank you for your story though, it makes me happy to know that some day soon, there will be hope for kittens like mine.

  4. runwyld66 -

    I’m sorry your cat has FIP; so unfair this disease 🙁 . I’m afraid the trial has been closed since this past summer. You can always check the UCD website under their clinical trials section to see if anything is up and coming.

  5. Martha Curley -

    Hello, great news for Luna and you! Is this trial still continuing? Is there a way to get my cat involved?

  6. runwyld66 -

    Yes, this was a huge concern and why we opted to wait until Dr. Pedersen felt it was safe and Luna continued to have awesome lab results. She has adjusted beautifully and seems very relaxed with her new buddies. It was a nasty first few days, lots of hissing and growling, but she still appeared relatively calm. So far so good a month in with now 3 of them! Thank you so much!

  7. Rhonda Hoover -

    What fantastic and uplifting news! Prayers that this will end that horrible FIP! God bless all involved!

  8. forthferalz -

    Omg so wonderful news. i need to put all your contact details etc on my website i still get people asking for help with wet FIP.

  9. Andy Rosener -

    followed Luna’s story from the beginning and I am SO happy to read this! Hope the introduction to he new siblings will be fun and no stress to anyone

  10. Michelle Waters -

    So wonderful for you and Luna. Our Phoebe likely has effusive FIP and we are heartbroken. I will read Luna’s story for encouragement.

  11. Mary cody -

    Makes my heart smile to read your post about Luna❤️❤️?

  12. Arden Morley JD RAC -

    Just be careful when introducing her to her new siblings that she does not get stressed by the new additions. Stress is a known precursor to FIP as it lowers the immune system’s ability to fight infection.

  13. Michele Rogel -

    Best news ever, finally one who has survived this monster disease. I hope many more can be helped & that it becomes affordable for others, as I do know how costly treating kitties w/diseases can be more than most can afford. Thank you for sharing!!! GO LUNA & stay healthy!!!

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