Happy One Year FIP Survival Anniversary to Smokey!

This kitty gives hope for the future of cats diagnosed with dreaded Feline Infectious Peritonitis.  Smokey is one of the not only surviving, but thriving cats from the 2016 GC376 drug trial at UCDavis.  I am so happy to have gotten to know his wonderful owner, Peter, during the process of our Luna being part of the 2017 new drug trial.

Smokey’s One Year Milestone (click here to read Peter’s most recent post about Smokey’s status, visit his blog, and donate to FIP research at UCD)

Me (Deb) with Dr. Pedersen and Peter Cohen (owner of Smokey, from the GC376 2016 drug trial)

I am counting down the days until I can write a similar blog post that Luna has hit her one-year survival mark!  I am also counting down the days until these drugs can be FDA approved for manufacturing so that more and more cats and their owners can experience the amazing healing effects these drugs have brought to these trial kitties!

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  1. Camilla Owen -

    Fantastic share Deb <3 Such a great milestone for Smokey – our FIP warrior x

  2. runwyld66 -

    FIP is a diagnosis of exclusion and putting together a puzzle based on the symptoms, history, and laboratory findings. This page tells my story of her diagnosis, which was of course, confirmed upon our arrival to UCD for her to begin her treatment. Necropsy is one way to diagnose, but FIP isn’t as hard to diagnose as folks might think or as people make it out to be (according to Dr. Pedersen). I think Luna’s story here might help make it more clear. I’m also in the process of making a FIP diangostic checklist to better help people understand how FIP is diagnosed and something they can take with them to their vet should they be faced with the horrible possibility of an FIP diagnosis.
    I hope to have it finished in the coming week.

  3. Paulette Pettigrew -

    This is great news but still not clear on how FIP was diagnosed when told there is no way it can be any test done before death and autopsy to tell if feline has FIP so how did you find out ??

  4. runwyld66 -

    Try it now. Sorry about that and thank you for letting me know it wasn’t working :o). Luna’s last injection was June 29th, so 4 months!

  5. Peter -

    Thank you for this post?. Can you fix the link to ZenByCat or is it just my iPhone not working? How many months has it been since Luna finished the trial?

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