Luna’s FIP Trial: Crazy 8’s

Luna is now 8 months old!  She continues to do exceptionally well and is now 8 weeks off her anti-viral trial drug.  She is eating like a horse and weighs 8.3 lbs now. She is keeping us on our toes with her constant antics and energy. Every day that she behaves this way is just a step closer to accepting that she has most likely been cured of her effusive FIP!

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  1. runwyld66 -

    Luna’s sister died of the dry form a few months ago. She was still with the breeder because she had been like a failure to thrive baby…now we know why 🙁 . I hope your kitty stays healthy and that these drugs get approved fast so that you can treat your baby should it happen. That was very responsible of your breeder to let you know so that you can watch him closely.

  2. Sandy Breitner -

    My Scottish fold cat (Cooper)’s brother died from this terrible disease at about 20 months old, now every time he acts a little different I’m in fear…His breeder contacted me about it just so I’d know and be aware but the article she sent me said most cats die from this…his brother died in about 3 weeks from the time his owner knew he was sick…nothing saved him…I sure hope you find a cure and it can be shared with other vets…

  3. Camilla Owen -

    Thanks so much for this promising update Debra, and thank you for sharing your precious Warrior Princess with us. We will not stop fighting until there is a cure.

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