Luna’s First Hike – Appalachian Trail TN/NC Border

This is just too adorable not to share. We have been wanting to take Luna camping and hiking, but when she got FIP, those plans were squelched; for what we thought would be forever. Look at us now! Dr. Petersen has to be grinning from ear to ear right now.

When we were making the decision to get a Savannah cat, it was because of their ability and willingness to be trained to walk on a harness, ride in a car, zero fear of water, ability to jump high, and of course, their pleasant, loving, social and spunky demeanor. We love to hike and backpack and wanted a cat that could travel most places and eventually go the distance with us.

Well, here we are. Seven weeks post-FIP diagnosis, six weeks since starting her on the new drug from UCD and we are on our way finally!  Luna took the seven hour car trip as well as the hike like a boss. We had some business to tend to in Charlotte for one day and decided to try a short hike and overnight camp-out on the way back to Ohio, at Roan Mountain, Tennessee. As I sit here now around the campfire, our little lady is in her harness and long tie-out, loving the outdoors. She is catching bugs and watching the birds (while licking her chops!).

She was the star of the trails! We passed so many people and everyone wanted to get a closer look at her, pet her, ask questions about “why and how” we were able to “hike with a cat”? She was pouncing on everything and bouncing along the trail, while chasing the branch, that we used as a teaser toy, to keep her moving. She walked two miles, her longest harness walk to date. We generally hike long distances or backpack for a few days, but she’s still a baby and we want to acclimate her gradually to the distance, not to mention how sick she recently was and that we don’t want to push Herron far, too soon.

She really caught on fast. She learned that if she stopped to “stalk something” that got her picked up and carried so that we could keep moving. As soon as one of us would reach down to pick her up and carry her, she’d immediately take off walking or running again. It was adorable.

I can’t believe we actually got to do this with Luna. It seems like we may be able to keep on taking her on adventures. I am definitely feeling extremely confident that our sweet girl is actually free of this dreadful, deadly disease!

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  1. Anonymous -

    This is so wonderful so wonderful , your blessed .

  2. Anna -

    Great idea to take Luna to hike! Living full life as naturally as possible is also very important for Luna treatment.
    I believe, that those who are gaining weight, growing, hiking and playing as Luna are definitely not at the death road))). Are you planning check her titer soon ?

  3. Sue -

    So happy for you all! I am praying that this is the miracle we have all been waiting for. We lost our precious 7 month old Siamese after a short but brutal fight with dry FIP the day after he was approved for a trial with PI. It had progressed too far. He never got to start. We hope that no kitty ever has to suffer from this scourge again.

  4. Anonymous -

    OMG! I am so thrilled to see her so vibrant and active! You must be beyond happy.
    The vets will love to see this progress. God bless you all for being part of this miracle for Luna.❤️

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