FIP New Drug Trial: Luna’s 5-Week Post-Trial Update

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Well my friends, the good news just keeps coming. I’m happy to announce that Luna’s most recent set of labs are perfect! The anemia has completely resolved, her platelets are now normal, her white cell count is still normal, and the white cell differential is perfect. This draw included a chemistry to check her liver to make sure there is no damage from the drug. Her liver enzymes are perfect, with the exception of one component (GGT) that is quite elevated. However, at this time, it is not a cause for alarm. Her phosphorus is high as well, but, is also not concerning to the team. Her total protein is in the normal range as well, which means her little body has absorbed and discarded what was in that nasty abdominal fluid from the wet FIP. It’s like night and day looking at her values from 6 weeks ago, when she was diagnosed, till today. I can only imagine how excited the team must be about how well Luna is progressing.

To be more specific for those who have an understanding of the CBC & CHEMISTRY results, here is what we are seeing in addition to what I mentioned above. Her labs will be checked again in four weeks:

  • Her White Cell Count remains in the normal range @ 11.3 from originally being 24.6!
  • Her Red Blood Cells were 5.5 and now are 7.4 & normal range.
  • Her Hemoglobin was 9.0 and is now 11.6 and Hematocrit was 29.1 and is now 37–both normal range!


As for weight gain, Luna has picked up 11 ounces since being discharged from UC Davis four weeks ago. I don’t know if this is enough or what is expected, but it’s at least in the right direction. We have had a scare twice this past week with two small bouts of diarrhea and her temperature hitting 102.4 one day, but otherwise her eating, eliminating and temperature have all been normal. She is playful, mischievous (she took a swim in the toilet yesterday) and loves birdwatching and catching bugs that get on the screens. We are going to try our hand at feeding her more of a raw diet in a few days to see if that helps her weight gain and overall health. She is a little stuffy in the mornings and sneezes a lot when she wakes up, but doesn’t do that during the day, so hopefully it’s nothing to be concerned about. Also, her jaws creak loudly when she yawns; not sure what this is about. I know that is random, but I want to make sure her little bones stay strong, so hopefully it is nothing.

17 thoughts on “FIP New Drug Trial: Luna’s 5-Week Post-Trial Update

  1. Thank you, Deb, I have actually already figured out the sequence and how to access it. YES, it is EXTREMELY important for all of us to learn as much as we can about this terrible disease and be up-to-date on developments. I have been following Dr. Pedersen’s research for a while now and have been in a close communication with him directly regarding a kitten I had that he assessed as FIP and suggested to put down. So I know quite a bit about it yet until he develops clear diagnostics for PRE-disease screening I am afraid we will all live in a darkness.

    Since I have been struck with my first two cases of FIP cases in imported cats ( I am a Siberian breeder in Canada) I knew NOTHING about this disease but today it seems to be way too common. I don’t know if this is, like with any disease that we are affected in our close circle, it seems that EVERYBODY is suffering from it or if it is proliferating in the world, but it definitely has been on my mind and the minds of other breeders I know a LOT lately. Luna’s case gives us all tremendous hope that this affliction CAN be conquered in our lifetime! That’s why it is SO important for us all to learn – hopefully BEFORE it strikes close. And it is CRUCIAL for breeders like myself to learn more, so we can spay and neuter genetically-affected cats and stop it before it can affect the progeny.

    All FIP cases I have been close to were of a wet form and I still don’t know much about the dry form and its symptoms (hopefully, only in theory!). I am PARTICULARLY interested in diagnostics and since in your case it was SO successful (and hopefully, Luna is completely cured!), I am VERY interested in learning about progression of her tests from the first assessment through the treatment.

  2. Galina,
    Thank you for your comments. If you start from my first post and move forward (and read Luna’s FIP story on the header), you will see the entire story unfold, which includes her diagnostics. When I get time, I will do a post that includes her labs at the start and through the treatment so folks can see the improvement. As for the anonymous poster…sadly, not everyone understands what a research trial is and what can and cannot be shared. People think if I give them the name of the drug that they can google it and try and find it or hassle the research team about it…trust me, we’ve been through all of that and it’s just not my place to disclose it. We are all desperate to save our cats, but we have to follow the proper channels and let the team do their jobs :). I have provided every detail possible to give hope and explain how the process works, sometimes it’s not enough. Feel free to subscribe and follow the future progress!

  3. This is an AMAZING news about Luna’s recovery! Congratulations!
    I did not see the previous posts and maybe you already have but could you please share her original diagnostic tests and the treatment plan? I KNOW that the medication/s is still long away from being available but it would sure help us all to learn if and how we can try and help our charges. I don’t think that you took the comments from the anonymous in the right way – all she meant is that she is anxious to know more, just has not expressed it right 🙁 We all share in your happiness and want to learn as much as we can as soon as we can. THX

  4. This is really exciting news. FIP is something that every cat owner dreads. There are of course doubters who will try everything to be negative and make you feel bad. Such people thrive on anything nasty. The only thing that counts, however, is that Luna is doing well in the face of something so awful. Live long and prosper, little girl!

  5. Yes James she had cardiac echo. She had it all. She has corona. She has definitive peritoneal fluid classic to FIP. She was dying when we got her there.

  6. Thanks, as always for the updates. Here’s hoping that the good news does keep coming, both for Luna and all who will follow. 🙂

  7. FIP is only diagnosed post mortem, I believe some cats who begin to go downhill with fluid accumulating do fight it and the virus does stop mutating, how do you know she would be dead today if it was not for the drug? Did she have heart scans etc.? Many cats are misdiagnosed with FIP everyday. FIP is literally when the cat is at the end and the virus has continued to mutate, so she would have stopped eating and been very sick. Have you seen footage of cats with FIP?

  8. I’ve lost 2 to FIP and this gives me so much hope for the future. Thank you for sharing you journey!

  9. To the anonymous poster (your IP address: in Richmond, BC CA): That’s enough with the nasty comments. I don’t have anything to share besides what I have been sharing. My cat is in a new drug trial through a university research project. The drug is not available and won’t be for some time. A cure is being sought and my cat is a subject of the study and doing well. There is nothing to be mad or disappointed with.

  10. Thanks so much for the updates Deb <3 Keep up the fight sweet Luna

  11. Marie Lass You are giving hope to FIP, but you are not sharing your treatment plan and this is cruel for those who are suffering every day looking for a cure. I am truly heart broken by this and my beautiful cat is suffering. I am so sadden by this my heat breaks.

  12. You are most welcome Karen and thank you for seeing the huge difference! Thanks for the follow and the support!

  13. I needed to hear some good new this morning and your post provided it !! Tku for the update on Luna!! Go Luna Go!!

  14. Im so happy for you and little Luna! Hard to believe its the same cat, that 6 weeks ago was so sick! I love following you guys, and i really hope this is the cure we are all so desperatley need. Thanks for keeping sharing! It means a lot! Wish for you a great weekend!❤

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