Out On a Limb

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When we were awaiting our Savannah cat to come home after being born, we wanted to find a cool structure for the cat to enjoy, that wasn’t the typical carpeted cat tree; but something artistic and cool.  One day while we were walking in some woods close to our home where the water had receded.  That’s when we saw “the tree” lying on the ground.  The second we both saw it, we both piped up that it would make a really cool cat tree.

With no way to cut it to size, let alone, get it home, we had to come up with a plan, because this was too good to let lay there and rot away.  We went to Home Depot and bought a hand saw and ventured back out to the reservoir and started sawing away.  It was not an easy task, but Jamie got it shorted and trimmed up to the point that we could stuff it into our trunk and secure it enough to get it home.

Since it had been under water, it was very wet.  We let it dry in the garage for a few weeks before bringing it inside to finish drying out.  Jamie sanded off the bark and I applied an organic, water-based, non-toxic polyurethane that really made the grain pop.  The original plan was to stand the tree upright and secure it to the wall, but our ceilings fall short in height.  We decided it looked pretty cool lying down too, so we left it that way in our living room.  It has become quite the conversation piece!

Yesterday, our little diva, Luna, finally figured out how to make it to the tip-top of the tree and then leaped up onto the top of the curio cabinet!  She meows when she is ready to have help getting back down, as she’s not quite agile enough to make it down without slipping and falling.  I guess the point of this blog entry wasn’t really to brag about the cool cat tree, but to brag on Luna’s continued improvement and energy level that is “taking her to new heights”.

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