FIP New Drug Trial Update: Four Weeks and Thriving

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I cannot believe I am sitting here writing an update nearly four weeks out from our first day that we attended the UC Davis FIP new drug trial! Our little trailblazer is more wild and crazy than ever. Luna is not only acting like a normal kitten, she is finally living up to her breed too!  All the things that we were warned about from our breeder and the Savannah cat community…they are ALL true–now that she is feeling like a beast! She is one busy girl…mischievous, fast, flippy/floppy, sneaky, and even a tad destructive; but in a good way.  She’s also very loving and enjoys cuddling. However, she has a built-in alarm clock and this is 6:00 a.m. She will go and get her little mouse and drop it on our face. That is cue that it’s time to play fetch.  here is no sleeping in…ever.

She takes these daily injections like a boss (sometimes she nips at me and sometimes she tells me off), but for the most part, she’s a super trooper. The rectal temps are the biggest challenge and Dr. Pedersen has us now doing them every 3-4 days. Eight more weeks to go with the injections; we’re only 1/3 of the way home.  Luna’s temperature has remained stable and she is now up to 4 1/2 lbs @19 weeks of age.

I keep asking myself how it’s possible that she is still with us? Not just alive and holding her own, but thriving and with no sign of this dreadful disease to speak of. I call it “Dr. P.’s Vet-ical Miracle”. The optimism is hard to contain, but I’m a realist and know that we are simply the trial; not the known cure…at least not yet!

12 thoughts on “FIP New Drug Trial Update: Four Weeks and Thriving

  1. Having reading your blog I was hoping you would be able to offer some help. I am truly disappointed.

  2. Today is 5-28-2017 & I am not finding any updates on how little Luna is doing. Is she still maintaining how well she has been doing? I lost one of my babies to FIP 4 years ago, & I always worry about my others, so far my kittens are doing OK, going on 2 yrs. old. I have a big kitty family of 14, I have prayed never to see this disease ever again. I want so much for research to find a cure to stop this monster disease. I hope your little Luna is doing great!!!

  3. How have you managed to keep FIP out of your cattery for so long! My hat goes off to you as I know that must be an arduous task. I’m sure it was devastating to lose so many. I agree, Dr. P. just might have it now!

  4. Hello, I’m sorry, I’m not able to disclose specific information about the trial drug; that will be for the research team to announce when they are ready. All I can say is that it is an antiviral drug for the treatment of wet FIP. I’m sorry to hear about your kitty. This is such a dreadful disease.

  5. What is the name of this treatment that your cat is on? My cat just got diagnosed with dry FIP today. Can you give me some information about this?

  6. Thank you all for the kind words and support! I’m glad you’re enjoying her journey along with us!

  7. Love your blog and love Luna’s positive development. Keeping everything crossed for you guys !

  8. Thank you so much for the updates. Having lost several kittens in one litter last year after never having had this disease in 16 years of breeding, it is so encouraging to hear about your progress. We are all hoping and praying that Dr. P is on the home stretch to a cure of this dreadful disease that has taken so many lives and broken so many hearts. God bless you, Luna, and the wonderful team working on the cure.

  9. Glad Luna is being a rascal Savannah kitty !!!

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