FIP New Drug Trial Update: Day #3

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Today was very much like yesterday; a quiet weekend day at the clinic. We met Dr. Montgomery once again at 9:00 a.m. and walked into Luna’s room to find a very vocal and playful Savannah girl! Today it was quite clear that her abdominal distention is improving. Her coat even appears brighter and less “fluffed up” as you can see in the photo below from a week ago. Luna wanted to play with the ball and feather teaser more aggressively and this is the most playful that she has been since her symptoms became noticeable almost 2 weeks ago!

Luna’s temp was 100.4, so that is staying within normal range. She seems a bit weak in her back legs when she’s running around, which Dr. Montgomery picked up on. Who knows if that is connected to the FIP or not, but we will talk with Dr. Pedersen about that tomorrow when he is back. She received dose #3 of the drug and this time, she was quite vocal about it for about 20-30 seconds and then went about her business of exploring the room, hiding under the cage, and playing with the feather toy.

Dr. Montgomery updated us again this evening, stating that Luna’s temp is still normal, her demeanor playful, and that she got to play with her children for a bit. I’m sure she is bored and lonely being there during the weekend all alone, but again, it’s necessary for her to heal properly.

We have to keep telling ourselves what Dr. Pedersen said at the start of the trial, “this is a TRIAL not a TREATMENT”. That said, everyone is still cautiously optimistic and pleased with her response to the drug thus far. It’s so hard not to get overly excited with her progress! Dr. Pedersen has been working on a FIP treatment/cure since the 1960’s. Here’s to hoping that this is the breakthrough he’s been searching for!!!

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  1. Hello! The only supplement I have had Luna on is from NuVet and it’s a vitamin and mineral that I add to her food. She has been on it since she started eating food at the breeders and I kept her on it. I’m measuring her temperature daily for the next few weeks, then will switch to every 3 days. Her blood work will be repeated at intervals and reported back to Davis. Her belly is back to normal now!! Where are you from? I clicked on your link, but wasn’t able to read the site.

  2. FIP is caused by the corona virus that mutates. Most cats have exposure to corona…if you tested all of yours, I’d bet they all have the antibody from an exposure. FIP hits 1 in 3-500 cats and itself, is not contagious, but deadly to the infected cat. I never heard of it either and always had outdoor “barn cats” as a child and when my kids were growing up…they lived forever! We finally get our first indoor pet and a pricey one at that, and within weeks of her birth, learn she has FIP! What a heartbreaking mess this has been, but what a miracle we found in UCDavis! Thank you for your kind words, prayers and well wishes!

  3. I’m keeping my hopes up that Luna will continue to improve. I say a little prayer for her at night. I’m hoping that it helps. I like to think that it does. I do have a question. What causes FIP? Is there a preventive shot that can be given. I have raised other cat breeds for 50+ years and have never heard of FIP before. It’s a good possibility that I have been extremely lucky.
    Luna, you keep continuing to improve for your mom and dad. They love and worry about you. My Marley and Iza”Bella” send good thoughts and wishes for you.

  4. Hi Debra! My name is Kendra and I also had an FIP kitty go through this trial and I am so hopeful and optimistic about Luna’s recovery!! It makes my heart so happy that we were fortunate enough to get into this trial and help future kitties diagnosed with this horrid disease.

    Oakley began treatment in December 2016. She was at the end of her battle with FIP and we had little hope for a positive outcome. She was a balloon and had that look in her eye, that she knew her time was coming..

    At the end of week 1 her temperature had dropped back into the normal range and her stomach had completely deflated! I thought this was too good to be true. By week 2, she regained so much energy and has been such a wild and energetic girl ever since. She has such a smile in her eye, and I know she is eternally grateful.

    Oakley is truly an angel. She is the most delicate, innocent cat I’ve ever been around. If this weren’t the case, I don’t believe we could have successfully done the trial. Furthermore, the shots are rough. Mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. My boyfriend and I administered all 3 months of medication from our home. We found the easiest way to administer was wrapping her in a towel (kind of like a burrito). It is important to alternate injection sites. At first, we favored her scruff because this is where we were most comfortable. We quickly noticed her skin getting thicker and tougher around this area so we ventured out to her shoulders, and eventually her sides and upper legs/hips.

    Throughout the process, I would get very nervous as “shot time” would approach, and cause myself to almost have an anxiety attack. It broke my heart every time I gave her a shot and it did not get any easier emotionally. It sounds silly, but you have to go into the shot telling yourself that you are saving Luna’s life, because that is exactly what you are doing. I began to try to separate myself emotionally for that moment, and tell myself I am the vet and this is just another pet. The less I would worry myself, the better the administration went.

    I wish you and Luna the very best and am rooting you guys on to the finish! If you have ANY questions please feel free to contact me!


  5. Hello!! She is on a supplement that my breeder recommends called NuVet Plus, she’s been on that since she started eating regular food. Temp is measured twice daily. I think she’s getting repeat lab work done today. ?

  6. Hi, Luna and Debra!
    News are rather good so far!

    Weakness of the back legs belongs to the FIP symptoms, it is known.
    Are there any supplements in addition to the main drug that Luna takes?
    How often her temperature is measured? Blood work? Albumin and Globulins level? Can you tell something about this?
    You can tell that abdominal fluid is getting lesser not by picture, but measuring her belly. Centimeters do not lie.

    Wish you victory!!!!!!!

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