FIP New Drug Trial Update: Day #1

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Our day started this morning after almost 2 days of no sleep and preparing for this very last-minute journey to California to enroll Luna for a new FIP trial and save her short, sweet little life. Of course, we entered this knowing that it is a trial; not a treatment necessarily. There are no guarantees, only hope.

Luna was full of piss and vinegar today and running on adrenaline. She ruled the skies and flew like a champ (fighting to get at least her head out of her carrier so that she could see what was going on…much to the dismay of the flight attendants)! We left Columbus, OH at 6:15 EST, changed planes in Denver, CO and arrived in Sacramento at 10:30.  e snagged a rental car and were to the clinic before noon PST.

Dr. Pedersen and his team met us at the reception desk ready to roll and we were off without delay to the exam room. A thorough examination was done, including weight and temperature and then Dr. Pedersen wowed us on the whiteboard with diagrams of the science behind how the new drug works. I’ll stop there as I do not want to discuss details without consent or at the risk of inaccuracy. Luna is actually the first privately owned cat to take part in this clinical trial of the second promising drug, which we did not know until today! We cannot help but feel privileged and excited about this.

Once the exam was completed, we went to the room where Luna will be living for the next 5 days. We brought with us, her bed, blanket, litter box, litter, toys, food…everything that she is familiar with so that she wouldn’t feel anxious or scared since we will not be there with her. Leaving her was hard, I’m sure she’s feeling like we abandoned her. That said, I’d rather leave her in their capable hands and care then not have her at all.

Dr. Pedersen then showed us the drug, how to draw it up, and how and where to administer it as we will be continuing this at home for at least 12 weeks once we leave here. I’ve had my share of needle-phobic fighter patients in my human nursing career, but this will be the first one with razor-sharp teeth!

After that, the team sent us on our way, told us to go explore the area, and to come back tomorrow morning during her exam for a visit. Once we left, they drew her blood, aspirated fluid from her, and administered the first round of the drug.

I received a text from Dr. Pedersen’s assistant, Mike, to let us. know that Luna’s fever had broken already (by two degrees from 103.8 on arrival to 101.8, (a normal temp for cats is 99-101) and that she is resting comfortably. He also said that she took the shot like a champ and with little backlash (we are told that the cats are very vocal for about 30 seconds after the injection due and to “ride it out” with them). We will be meeting them tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. for her exam and a visit.

Today went about as perfect as it could have, without complications, delays, or Luna’s condition worsening.  t’s time now to get to finally get some sleep and offset the time change so we can tackle day #2 with our sweet girl!

18 thoughts on “FIP New Drug Trial Update: Day #1

  1. 3 kittens lost to FIP? What type of cat do you breed? So sorry to hear of this sadness for you.

  2. Praying that this new drug will prove successful and restore Luna to full health, free of the awful FIP. We lost 3 kittens last fall and winter. We’ve been breeding for over 16 years and never experienced it. Wish I could still say that. This had to work!

  3. I wish all the best for little Luna. Our Pixie was slowly dying from FIP, so we had her euthanized just before the new year. She was sick for nearly two months. I still read about others who’ve lost the struggle and know what they’re going through. So it’s so good to hear of hope for Luna and the possibility of a cure.

  4. Praying for Luna, her family and success of this trial. Lost my 3 year old Grand Champion LH Exotic to this devastating disease. He had just turned 3 years old. My heart still breaks every single day. Hugs to you!

  5. So far so good, great to hear her temp is already down! Hope all continues to go well and you get to explore the area a bit to take your minds off things for a while….keep us posted!

  6. Fingers and paws crossed firmly for Luna! Hoping this new drug is a breakthrough for treatment of this awful disease!

  7. Praying all goes well. Any sort of advances in FIP treatment are so important, not just for Luna but for all kitties. I applaud you for going the extra mile for your beautiful girl and look forward to all the updates!

  8. We hope with all our hearts for a cure. Good luck

  9. Omg, ich hoffe so sehr das Luna es schafft, das wäre auch das Ende für einen sinnlose tot vieler Katzen

  10. Hopes and prayers go with you guys for Luna and the thousands of kitties afflicted with this awful disease. About eight weeks ago we had our three cats get sick and be euthanized, one each week. It is a devastating diagnosis and I hope that the research team can put an end to this awful scourge.

  11. Alles Gute für die süße Kämpfermaus – Viel Glück!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Praying that Luna responds to the treatment and there will finally be some hope for us. You are angels to do this. I lost my beautiful Princess BeBe in November 2016 2 years to the day I adopted her. She was 5. Be blessed

  13. Best wishes you Luna and you also! Praying this works and a cure will be found soon. I lost my sweet PJ in March of this year. Today was his birthday and he would have been 6 years old.

  14. Praying for your little Luna! I had to give my Chippers daily shots, if Luna’s are similar, you shouldn’t have any problem administering them. Praying also that they have finally found the cure for FIP!

  15. Exciting news-FIP is a terrible disease-fingers crossed for all of us affected by it and Luna!

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