Can’t We Just Give The Man A Chance?

Today and tomorrow will undoubtedly be “stay off Facebook, ignore the media kind of days” as it’s going to be nothing but whining, bitching, complaining, debating, blaming, arguing, and casting stones at our new president. The people have made their choice and now it’s time to be respectful and give the man a chance, just like we did with Obama and all the others before him. As with our favorite sports teams, someone will win and someone will lose. You either accept the loss with grace or celebrate the win with dignity. Acting out against the winner is wrong, laughing at the loser is wrong. I was not happy with Obama in many ways, but I didn’t make it the center focus of my life and I won’t do that this time either. The president has a very tough job and no president past, present or future will ever do it perfectly or up to our demanding or high standards. Of course, that’s a matter of opinion…that damn emotion that always gets us into trouble! I will have faith that Trump will deliver, just like I did with all the others. I will either be happy or disappointed in the end, and I realize that no amount of ridicule or carrying on will change things. We have no idea what he can or can’t accomplish and he’s not the only one running the show in Washington either. All in all, we are still a nation to be proud of with all the freedoms that so many other nations may never see. In the grand scheme, we have very little to complain about. I hate the health care reform situation and how much it’s costing the middle class, BUT, we have access to the best healthcare anywhere, we can safely drink our water, we can own our guns to protect our families, we can travel freely and enjoy all there is to see and do, we have a choice of religion, we have many jobs to choose from (some choose not to work–yes, this is a problem), we have education for everyone, (although it takes a lifetime to pay for college), but what about those in other countries who will never step foot onto a college campus? We have issues with border control, but can you really blame anyone for wanting to have what we have? It’s not like people choose to be born or choose to live in a war-stricken, government-controlled country…we would want to come here too if the roles were reversed. I’m not saying that the way that we easily let everyone in and continue pay for them to be here is being handled correctly, but even I wouldn’t be here today had it not been for my great-grandparents fleeing from Austria/Italy during WWI to come to the U.S…and granted they came here and worked their  off, learned the language, didn’t expect handouts and loved America. This today, is a major issue, but I also see both sides…we ALWAYS have to see both sides, no matter what the issue at hand is (FAMILY, work, social circles and politics). It doesn’t make us automatically bigots or insensitive to others and just because we think or believe one way, doesn’t mean that we are right and the other is wrong. That’s why everyone should agree to disagree and freaking be nice, kind, empathetic, and tolerant human beings. It’s really that simple.
I will never understand this kind of behavior towards our president(s) in the same way that I will never understand this kind of behavior towards ONE ANOTHER. For crying out loud, live your life and be happy; be happy that you are alive and NOT living elsewhere! Be peaceful, relax, breathe, enjoy the moments and the SPECIAL people who you have in your life and let the politicians, whom we have elected, do their jobs. I guarantee you, the minute you are diagnosed with some terminal illness or you suddenly lose the most important person in your life, your home, your long-standing job, or your entire world comes crumbling down, all of that worrying, whining and complaining about things that can’t be changed will seem incredibly meaningless. I wouldn’t dare try to tell my managers and the higher-ups in my company how to do their jobs or tell them they are doing it wrong. I may not like it (and I also don’t know everything that goes on and the tough decisions that need to be made everyday) but the more that I retaliate, the harder it will be to coexist in a peaceful environment. The same holds true here. Rioting, picketing, and violence only makes matters worse. I am genuinely fearful about what is going to happen on inauguration day. I’ve been quiet about this election thus far and this is all that I have to say about it. I used to be afraid to speak my feelings for fear of losing friends and even family, but I no longer care what people think anymore. If you are my friend, you will respect my words and actions as I have always respected yours. I have never hit the “unfriend” button or cast someone out of my life because of their thoughts and opinions. I have learned from those oppositions, in fact. I am way more open-minded than I used to be…way more empathetic and way more tolerant. It really is a much more peaceful way to live. No nonsense. That’s all.

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