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I never thought I’d get a tattoo…let alone 3 of them. It all started because my best friend Sheri and I wanted to get them together. We pondered for a good year, but never took the plunge. Little did I know; she would never actually get one after I decided to go ahead and do it (and still hasn’t)! That was in 1997-8ish when I was 32. I never recorded the exact date, I just remember my age at the time. I wanted a hummingbird since my mom loved them so much and had me interested in the pretty little critters too. I love them because they are busy, colorful, fast and they rarely slow down–like me so it seemed fitting. I was never super happy with it and even contemplated having it removed or covered with another design.

In late 2012 after meeting Jamison, we both had tattoos that we wanted improved. He had a bad homemade tattoo on his leg from a crazy decision to let a friend with a tattoo gun try it out on him in his earlier days, so we decided that we would remedy the situation(s). I had my bird enhanced and added some flowers and vines and he had his tribal leg tattoo repaired as well. At that point, I loved it and embraced my ink and for the first time in 13 years.

A few months later, I wanted to get another one. The decision on what to get and why came easy. Jamie and I are firm believers in the “Body, Mind & Spirit” concept as an integral part of our connection and how they are all intertwined and necessary in a healthy relationship. For me, it also means that our overall well-being comes from more than just our physical health, but also our mental and spiritual health too. When I learned that my father had been diagnosed with stage IV cancer in December of 2012, I wanted to get some sort of tattoo as a tribute to him. He is Italian and since I’m totally in love with our Italian heritage, I decided to get “Body, Mind and Spirit” in Italian on my lower, left back/hip area and in red ink (my favorite color). On Valentine’s Day 2013, we went together and got “Corpo Mente Spirito” tattoos.

Lastly, I wanted a tattoo that symbolized Jamie’s and my marriage. We both love hearts. My favorite color is red and his is blue. Our wedding color was purple (red + blue = purple). I chose a simple three-heart design and had it tattooed onto my back on Valentine’s Day 2014.

I love my ink and all the things they symbolize.  No regrets!

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