Musing of an Amusement Park

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Riding the biggest, fastest, scariest rides at large amusement parks has always been one of my favorite things to do!  Jamison and I finally went to one together along with his children.  While many of my amusement park visits in my teen, young adult and as a mother visits are a blur, on this day I chose to write about random observations.  I wrote ALL of these in the car on the way home.

Things I learned at Cedar Point today:

a. There isn’t any ink left in the tattoo parlors
b. underwear and spandex together do nothing for you
c. Some things just shouldn’t be pierced
d. There truly is someone for everyone
e. #IheartCP shouldn’t be used
f. You will always have to pee as soon as you get in line
g. Rides really do break down
h. Your child will cry for a $4 coke only to throw 2/3 of it away
i. Snapping a pic of the picture screen post ride to avoid buying it will get you busted every time
j. You will break your glasses or sunglasses putting them in your pocket pre-ride
k. 50% of the population will wear $3 rubber flips flops to walk ten miles around an amusement park
l. when the sign says remove your earrings, don’t be a rebel
m. People will spend $80 extra on top of their admission ticket to stand in lines half the time
n. If a ride breaks down, stay put…everyone else will leave making your wait time shorter
o. Not that many people are handicapped and require a wheel chair…we are onto that line jumping game
p. people really do puke when exiting a ride
q. Being gluten free sucks
r. Moms and kids do wait in line 74 minutes only for the kid to refuse when time to get on
s. Love really is blind
t. If your “physical characteristics” prevent you from closing your harness…really? They post that sign at the end of the line?
u. The front car really isn’t worth the 30 minute extra wait
v. People really do pay $5 to get in a drying booth following a splashy ride
w. No smoking rules are meaningless
x. 9 hours of park time will yield only 7 rides so that’s about $7.50 per ride
y. Weekday, work day and 50% of kids being in school didn’t help the waits much
z. People watching is more entertaining than the rides

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