My Bucket List

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My “Working” Bucket List (in no specific order) 101 Things To Do Before I Die

  1. See all my kids graduate
  2. Learn to backpack (2015)
  3. Complete a 100 mile bike ride (Rode Pelotonia)
  4. Attend a professional sporting event (Columbus Blue Jackets 2009ish & Boston Red Sox 2013)
  5. Be an Extra in a Movie(2016)
  6. Be on T.V. (“One Born Every Minute – 2 seasons, 2010 & 2011)
  7. Own a cabin in the woods
  8. Build a house (1994 & 2014)
  9. Build a patio & beautiful backyard gardens
  10. Build a tree-house for my grandkids
  11. Camp on a beach
  12. Complete my family tree/ancestry
  13. Complete scrapbooks for all my kids up to age 18 (working on it slowly)
  14. Convert all old home movies & make copies for all the kids (partially done)
  15. Create my own blog & maintain it
  16. Do a Duathlon
  17. Do a Triathlon (Little Miami Triathlon, Canoe 6 miles, Bike 18 miles, Run 5 miles (road/trail combo)
  18. Finish my Bachelor’s degree (2015)
  19. Get a new job…get out of the one that’s been holding me back for so many years (2006) & 2013
  20. Get a tattoo (first one in 1998/9? Updated it in 2012, got 2 more in 2013 & 2014)
  21. Go on an African safari
  22. Go parasailing to a height above the “standard” (Hilton Head 1995)
  23. Go skydiving (this will be a MUCH later goal!)
  24. Go skinny-dipping
  25. Visit Egypt
  26. Go tent camping (2016)
  27. Go to Bermuda (2003 & 2015)
  28. Go to Costa Rica (2009)
  29. Go to Hawaii (2007, 3 islands)
  30. Go to the top of the Twin Towers (I’ve now been to the top of both old & new) 2001 & 2015)
  31. Go toilet-papering…(achieved w/ a good friend a few years ago)
  32. Go Zip lining (2009 & 2014)
  33. Hang a porch swing
  34. Have a huge birthday party
  35. Have four kids by age 30 (done!)
  36. Join a health club (Joined Gold’s Gym/Urban Active/LA Fitness from 2007-2014)
  37. Learn a second language (learning Italian now)
  38. Learn canvas painting (2014)
  39. Learn to play some musical instrument
  40. Learn to ballroom dance
  41. Learn to scuba dive
  42. Learn to swim properly (Took lessons a few years ago)
  43. Live debt free
  44. Locate everyone in my graduating class and plan/host our 20 year reunion (2005 & 2010 success!)
  45. Make a quilt using as many of our race shirts as possible (2016)
  46. Organize a group or team & fundraise for a cause (Relay For Life x 2)
  47. Own a Mustang (bought one in 2012)
  48. Publish an article or story
  49. Qualify to run the Boston Marathon (St. George Marathon 2012 3:42)
  50. Relax in a Natural Hot Spring (St. Lucia volcano 2018)
  51. Own an RV
  52. Ride a mechanical bull (New Orleans 2014)
  53. Ride in a helicopter
  54. Run > 1,000 miles in one years’ time
  55. Run > 2000 miles in a year (highest is 1800)
  56. Run a 1/2 Marathon (2003 & many more since then)
  57. Run a marathon in another country
  58. Run a marathon in another state (14 down)
  59. Run a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon (2012)
  60. Run a sub-four hour marathon (St. George Marathon 2012 3:42)
  61. Run my first full marathon by the age of 40 (2006)
  62. Run the Boston Marathon (2013 & 2014)
  63. Run the Chicago Marathon
  64. Run the New York Marathon
  65. Save a life (many times now as a nurse)
  66. See a Las Vegas Show (Blue Man Group 2015)
  67. See all 4 kids get married (one down, 3 to go)
  68. See all my kids graduate
  69. Start & maintain a yoga practice (2015)\
  70. Watch the entire Star Wars series in the correct order (Did it NYD 2011 as a marathon)
  71. Take a Cruise (2002, 2003, 2009, 2014, 2015 (2), 2016 (2), 2017, 2018)
  72. Take a mission trip & give medical care
  73. Take a photo every day for one year (2013/4 & 2016 & current b&w photo project now
  74. Take an all-day winery tour (2017 California)
  75. Take vacations with all of my kids and their families together in one place (then repeat it once a year)
  76. Take a trip alone (San Antonio, TX for Paul’s AF graduation 2015)
  77. Swim with stingrays
  78. Swim with dolphins
  79. Go on a European vacation (2016 (7), 2018 (4))
  80. Visit Ground Zero (2002, 2005 & 2015)
  81. Visit Italy (Venice & Trento 2016)
  82. Visit the Grand Canyon (honeymooned there in 2013; married in Sedona)
  83. Own a Savannah cat or Serval
  84. Witness a Solar Eclipse (August 21, 2017 or April 8, 2024)
  85. Assist with birth of grandchildren because it’s what I do best! (2015 & 2017)
  86. Travel by train
  87. Be on the game show “Survivor”, “Amazing Race” or similar
  88. Visit a nude beach
  89. Visit all 50 States (doing so by RV in 2019, all 50 capitals over 3 week span)
  90. Visit all seven continents
  91. Have holiday celebrations with my blended family without any drama
  92. Have a healthy relationship with a certain relative who refuses stop holding grudges over nothing
  93. Attend an OSU football game
  94. Attend the Olympic summer games
  95. Backpack the Appalachian Trail (or part of it’s 2,100+ miles!) (Backpacked all of Maryland in 2015, 42 miles, Connecticut is slated for 2018)
  96. See all my grandkids graduate
  97. See Jamie qualify for the Boston Marathon
  98. Sing a Karaoke Duet with Jamie
  99. Be a good runner again

3 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. hmmm, I didn’t mean for that to be crossed off. Nope I had the quilt made…I suck! And yes, I had the best reunion help ever!! We are a great team!

  2. oops, that should say see all “kids” graduate lol, nice catch!

    Nope, other than backpacking, only tent camped once with the ex and my little kids and it was during a severe thunderstorm and it was miserable with him griping and I blocked it out and he always refused to do it again. I always wanted to try it again, so now we own a tent and all the gear! So funny, we backpacked and slept remote before we ever tent camped!

    Yes, I had great reunion help! The first one I planned all alone (after I spent a year looking for everyone!) Of course, you had already planned the 10 year one. I had one at the Roscoe church over Thanksgiving break and then one picnic at the Lake Park Pavillion too.

    I had the quilt sewn. I cut out the shirts and mailed them away to be put together; so I didn’t mean that I wanted to physically make it…have it made is more like it! :o)

    Family tree is about half done.

    1000 miles, get it done!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

    As for the vacation, I’d have to get all my kids to meet Jamie first…that’s still not going well :o(

  3. 1. My Family Tree is Complete, has been for years.
    2. How did you cross off, See All my Grandkids Graduate???? You only have one young baby.
    3. Crazy that I will complete 1000 miles by October 15th.
    4. You never went Tent Camping before 2015??? you are kidding me, right????
    5. The Last 3 years, I have vacationed with my entire family, in Oak Island, exact same house, Going next year, with Grandbaby too 🙂 4 kids, 1 son in law, 2 grandpuppies….It can be stressful & intense, but I LOVE every minute of it….
    6. Did you Make the Quilt???? Or did you have someone make it, because clearly it says Make a Quilt!!!!
    7. You did have some great HELP with the reunions … HA HA

    Great LIST…Great JOB

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