Alum Creek P1 & P2 (11) Mile Hike

It’s my weekend to work and yet I still wanted to get some mileage in and get Jamie out and moving again since he’s having so much trouble running with his cast and hiking seems to be a better fit.  Plus, we need to amp up the mileage for our hikes whenever time permits.  With the thunderstorms and rain not coming until 2:00 and me having to work at 3:00, after eating a banana and a few gluten free brownie/chocolate chip cookies, we got started precisely at 9:00 and finished at 12:56.  We had roughly 15 minutes in between sections to grab some food and make it from P1 trail over to P2, about 3.5 miles away.  We ate cheese rolled up in pepperoni and some gluten free brownie/chocolate chip cookies and Gatorade.  My legs held up surprisingly well and our pace was consistent.  The mud was that sticky kind that your shoe catches up on and wants to take you backwards.  I almost bit it a few times, but managed to stay vertical.


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