50 States Racing: Florida


Gorgeous and fun race series – ran on an injured hamstring.
Day #1: 15k and 5k back to back…kept these at an easy pace 9:28-9:37
Day #2: Half Marathon and 8k, back to back, 3min: 1min run/walk ratio then 1min: 3min walk/run ratio for the 8k.  This is definitely a race series I cannot wait to do again when I’m healthy and fit again!  Jamie nailed his series with a great comeback, our friends Barbara had a flawless half and Melanie ran a near PR for her half marathon!  Barbara now lives in Florida, so it was great to get to see her again and Melanie was there to race and visit Barbara so we spent a day exploring St. Petersburg, eating and visiting the aquarium.  Jamie and I were supposed to depart on a cruise on Monday, but it was cancelled due to the ship being stranded at sea 20 miles offshore in fog.  We were really looking forward to relaxing and celebrating, but instead, found ourselves without plane tickets back and a rental minivan instead.  So much for great planning!  The 5 medals are a nice addition to our bling collection. One for each race and one big one for doing all 4!

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