50 States Racing: Louisianna

IMG_1345This was a toughy for me. With a big knot on my left Achilles, temp of 65 degrees at the start, 100% humidity and thick fog, acclimating to the heaviness of the air and warmth coming from sub-zero temps was a challenge.  You won’t find a flatter course, that I can guarantee!  I had good intentions of simply staying sub 2:00 so this was a shock.  Honestly, come mile 10 I simply did not care how I finished.  The Achilles pain was manageable as long as I didn’t try anything cute. I went out fast and maintained a decent clip for the first 5 miles.  Every time I felt the pull, I slowed way down.  The pain didn’t come until mile 10 and at that point, I just jogged it in.  I have no regrets about my pace or performance as I cannot and will not put my Boston marathon in jeopardy.

I have only 12 weeks left and my priority is healing this Achilles.  I seem to have gotten the piriformis under control finally…10 long months of dealing with that agony and sadly, cutting back on the miles and distance was the only way.  That cost me my fitness, stamina, endurance and about 15 lbs!  Jamison and I had a fantastic time exploring New Orléans and knocked off another state from our goal list.  He’s already ran here twice, so this was a repeat performance for him.  We had fantastic weather the entire long weekend until Monday when it got wicked cold.  Then 60’s-70’s on Fri., Sat. & Sun. was a welcome relief, so I will not complain about the race day weather!

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