50 States Racing: Pennsylvania (3rd race in PA)

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IMG_0515Well, I tIMG_0463IMG_0492hought I might be ready to “somewhat race” this distance since my piriformis and hamstring haven’t really been all “that bad” lately on my training runs in comparison to how they were this past spring and summer, but I would be wrong.  Also, I “sort of raced” a 5k yesterday, taking it somewhat easy, but I guess maybe even easy was a bit much to be trying to half it today.

I started out the first 5k at a decent clip; mindful of course, that today I also didn’t intend to all out “race” this since I have a marathon in 3 weeks and now this searing pain in my butt and leg have intensified again.  BUT, I did expect to at least put out a respectable 1:50-1:52 seeing that last year I ran a 1:46 on this course. I was so done way early in and contemplated many times having my first DNF.  But, many things went through my head as I struggled and I decided I would absolutely hate myself if I gave in to my discomfort so easily.  I decided to view the glass half full and stop feeling sorry for my pains and enjoy the absolutely pristine running weather we were blessed with as well as my upcoming travel/marathon plans to Arizona, Nevada and Utah with Jamison in just 3 short weeks.  We are running in Utah (where I ran my 28 minute PR of 3:42 last year and earned my spot this and next year in to Boston and where he will cross Utah also off his list).

It’s rough knowing that it’s going to be such a tough race for me this year and that I’ll be lucky if I can even break 4 hours this time, but I am thankful that I can still run and know that this injury will eventually “run it’s course” and that I can’t let it beat me down.  I am very proud of all the runners in my group who also enjoyed yesterday’s fantastic weather and beautiful course, achieved some BQ;s &/or endured some rough obstacles to finish: Cindy, Mike S., Lisa D., Dave, Brandon B., Ken, Carrie& John J.

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