Boston Marathon 2013

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This was an unforgettable experience…Thankful, happy, sad, surreal, proud, blessed, mad, relieved, confused, pissed that such evil lurks in our world…just a ball of emotions surround my first ever Boston Marathon experience and the tragedy that came with it.  I can’t stop thinking about the innocent victim and all the runners from that day who went to Boston with pride and excitement and left with fear, disappointment, and unrest.

As for the race, a special thanks goes to Jamison, who was with me every step of my training journey and on the “day of the show” when I stepped off to my first Boston Marathon…next year, it’s your turn!! (get busy training for Cleveland!) Congratulations to my friends and running partners Brandon Button & Carla Cullison who also ran their first Boston and to Carrie Jarvis who ran her 7th.  I can’t even discuss the race. I don’t care about splits, hills, how much I walked during the second half…it just doesn’t seem all that important in the grand scheme of things. I ‘ll just say that I had a respectable first 1/2 of 1:54, then chose to finish slow so not to push the injury list any further than it was since I have a few more big races on the horizon.

The course is tough, but I’m ready to take it on again next year, not even a question there.  A hamstring injury plagued me and I’m surprised I even finished.  Had this not been “Boston”, I would have sat this one out for certain.  I will not complain.  I’m happy to have two good, strong legs, a healthy body and a life to continue living…close calls have a way of opening your eyes to what’s important!

Watermelon slices at Heartbreak Hill







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