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I did it!!!! Yay me!!! 7th marathon, 10 years running…my 51st race…I did it!!!  I needed 3:55 and blew it out of the water! 28 minute marathon PR!  I left all I had in the beautiful southern Utah mountains and enjoyed sharing this journey with my friends & fellow BQers Brandon and Carrie (who has ran Boston numerous times and will also be accompanying us in April). The registration for 2013 luckily happened to still be open, so we scurried back to the condo and registered lickity split without a thought…how cool!

This was one tough course…net downhill of around 2500 feet yet with a 6 mile uphill from 7-12 that nearly did me in. The mile markers were dead on every time with my Garmin which is a first…but there were no turns so that made sense. My first half split was 1:50 & second one 1:52 so I ran one very strong and consistent race, which was my plan going in. I did have to walk for about 30 seconds of each of the last 13 or so due to extreme bilateral hip and low back pain that I needed to ease up from time to time in order to keep moving so I shudder to think of what kind of time I could have cranked out had it not been for those few minutes of “wuss factor” as Carrie calls it! :o)

I had 5 miles in the 7:00’s which is something new to me the last few months & what I thought I’d never see unless I was doing speed work! Miles: 3, 4, 6, 7, 16 & 21 to be exact! I could not be happier…the scenery was magnificent and was a nice distraction from the burning quads that were the aftermath of so much downhill running.

We got up at 3:00 a.m., hit the buses to the mountain top at 4:00, arrived around 4:30ish & then sat around little campfires with mylar blankets & extra layers for warmth until gun time at 6:45. It was weird running the first 5k in the dark…thankfully, the roads had no potholes! The asphalt there is like a track, actually felt kind of “bouncy” if that makes any sense. It was even more cool to run while watching the amazing sunrise. The air was dry and the sun was hot, without a cloud in the bright blue skies & it topped out around the mid 80’s by the finish. There is no humidity so I was not used to that & really didn’t pour sweat as it seemed to evaporate as fast as I put it out!

We hiked for 2 days prior to the race to acclimate to the thinner air & elevations, which was a very wise move; only bad thing was, it made us have sore legs going into the race from all the climbing; but clearly it didn’t affect me too terribly!!

This is a must do, highly recommended race to add to your bucket lists…hands down…well ran event (it’s a lottery), 7500 runners, no half…perfect size. The roads are closed down completely so not a single car in sight, only pure beauty. Love, love, love this race!!!!

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  1. Denise Kornblatt -

    Bravo and Congratulations Deb!! Glad your back doing what you love. Lots of luck for Boston too!

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