Talk about close!!  As I make my comeback, my only goal for today was to squeak back under 2:00 for the 1/2 & worry about getting back down to where I was later down the road.  I didn’t go whole-hog since I had to proceed gingerly about how I planted my boo boo foot with each stride (even though 2 guys did trip me up at miles 3 & 11…almost face planted at mile 3 & yelled at the guy “hey, take it easy, I’m recovering from a broken foot…just 10 weeks ago…don’t need a re-injury!”  And what’s with all the freaking dogs in the finisher’s area?  People need to eave the pooches at home, it’s just not a place for dogs!  Some big dog came at me & almost tangled me in its’ least & then I rescued a toddler from tramping in a big pile of doo doo on the sidewalk!  I can barely keep myself uninjured on my own account, I don’t need some mutt or over-zealous runner making me trip & fall!  Ok, back to the race…This was my second half marathon since the accident & I escaped it unscathed & with a bit of pace redemption–5 minutes faster than Dayton that was 4 weeks ago!  My legs were achy from the 22 hours of standing at the expo selling BondiBands,which I love doing…it supports my race addiction & let’s me meet so many amazing runners (and it’s fun to help them find that perfect headband to match their race outfit or group) but all-in-all, it was a great race with pristine temps.  I got zero sleep last night, waking up every hour thinking I was late for the run group meetup & the start!  Grrr.  I was a little queasy so I could not eat or even drink my coffee.  I ran the race on 1/2 of a Lara Bar that I choked down & a about 10 oz. of water.  I’ve got some ouchies in both the ankle & the achillies & they both can tell that I pushed it a bit harder today but it’s all good.  Getting to see all the awesome RUN DMCer’s & Mount Vernon Running Buddies today & this weekend at the expo was great!  I’m so proud of everyone today…new PR’s & BQ’s, an elite finish, first time 1/2’s & fulls, folks forging thru injuries & showing their badassness, even those who weren’t running who came out to support RunDMC…just a superb day!!  Well done everyone!!  Unless I find another race to do by November 6th, this was my last hoorah in the 40-44 age catagory!!  I had to laugh when I got handed my mylar blanket by my physical therapist “Joe” who helped me with the PT on my foot after I got out of the walking boot; the one who told me “NOT to run the 1/2 at Dayton & to only do a few miles every few days for the next month”, um busted doing my second 1/2 marathon in a month!!

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