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Final Time & Place (A/G/O)
09:57 / mile
Place (A/G/O)

I wasn’t motivated to blog this marathon for many reasons. This was a tough training year for me with many distractions (all good ones!). Training started in May which was the same month our daughter, Karlee, graduated high school. Party plans were all-consuming & I found very little time to train with working & preparing for the big event. In addition, Karlee was advancing through the ranks of track making it all the way to Regionals, which just so happened to also be on graduation day…in Dayton! To celebrate Karlee’s graduation, I planned every last detail of our 12 day trip to Costa Rica in June. Just a few days before our departure, I experienced a very frightening episode of what we learned was severe vertigo during the night which landed me a squad ride to the ER & several days of downtime trying to recover from a bad inner ear problem & worn out by the medication that was required to keep me from spinning. Once we arrived in Costa Rica, it was clear that there were no places to run. The dirt roads were barely suitable for driving and the beaches very rocky and uneven. It was paradise, so I chose to just enjoy myself & rested. I did attempt a 3 mile run on one of the beaches, but it was painful and VERY hot! Upon our return, I resumed my training with Cindy, who was eons ahead of me & found that I could barely keep up with her on most of our runs. My piriformus issue (a.k.a. pain in the butt) issue remained unresolved so it reared its’ ugly head more times than I care to count on the long runs which was another setback for me. Just as I was starting to not suck too badly on the runs, it was time to leave for another 10 day trip in July/Aug. to the Outer Banks, NC in celebration our my parents’ 50th anniversary. We stopped for a few days in Washington DC to visit friends en route there and back and I was able to do some short runs of 3-7 miles each in the 90 to 100 degree heat at least 5 of the days we were gone..but this really wasn’t enough. When I came back home, it was time to play catch-up one last time. Each long run was cut short by 1-2 miles thanks to my butt pain & it was chiropractor & massage therapist that got me through. By race day, I was feeling pretty unprepared. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I had set my expectations on a 4:05-4:10 finish which would have been a nice PR from the mountainous Steamtown Marathon the prior year. I did great…holding a 9:07 to 9:15 pace up to mile 18 and then it hit…the dreaded butt pain…and it hit with a vengeance! I found myself having to stop every mile to stretch it and walked at least 1-2 minutes of the last miles. Watching my time add up minute by minute was so disappointing. I’d had a nice, strong run the first 18 (and enjoyed every bit of the mostly flat and downhill Columbus terrain) so I did the best I could and finished with the same time I had in the Poconos last year. I was disappointed in my time but at the same time have to cut myself some slack considering how wishy-washy my training was. On a happier note, my running partner/friend Cindy qualified for Boston with just seconds to spare! I’m living vicariously through her. Granted we’d always thought we’d be making that journey together as well, but that’s ok. I’ll get there…

10k:  56:41 (pace 9:07)
half:  2:02:50 (9:22) (right where I wanted to be @ this point)
20 mile:  3:14:52 (9:44) (hip pain set in around mile 18)
Splits:  9:05, 9:14, 8:51, 9:09, 8:52, 8:53, 9:09, 9:14, 8:57, 9:15, 9:23, 9:37, 9:10, 9:37, 9:44, 9:51, 10:30, 10:05, 10:51, 10:35, 10:19, 10:18, 9:54, 10:54, 10:42, 10:49, 9:33

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