Labor Day Weekend RV & Hiking @ Lake Vesuvius Pedro, Ohio

9/1 – 9/3/18 Iron Ridge Campground, South side of the lake Day #1 Since I had to work on Friday and Saturday at 3pm on Labor Day, we didn’t think we were going to be able to get out to enjoy any of the long weekend.  As luck would have it, we were able to find the very last open… Read more →

ZenByCat End FIP Raffle ~ Win amazing prizes while helping to end Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

  Click here to buy your tickets for the “Zen by Cat Raffle to End FIP” OR Click here to buy the same tickets, but under “Team Luna” Win amazing prizes while helping end FIP Over $2,500 worth of prizes and the ability to purchase raffle tickets for only the prizes you want make this a purrrfect way to help… Read more →

Making Progress Against FIP – Original Post and Follow-up Posts at Zen By Cat

Making Progress Against FIP   Addendum to the Above Post Regarding GC376 & EVO98   I have been asked to share this update here on my blog, since I have so many people following Luna’s progress pertaining to her FIP diagnosis and successful drug trial that has left her cured of FIP over one year now.  July 23rd 2018 will… Read more →

A Tribute To My Father – His 80th Birthday

Dad, today you would have been 80! We would have celebrated YOU with a huge party! You would have started your day with 18 holes of golf first, because today is a beautiful, perfect day for it and you’d never waste a perfect golfing day with your buddies. Our family would have celebrated you together; the only way you would… Read more →

Savannah Cat Art – Print # 1 of 2.

Jacq Luttrelle‘s artwork and Jamison Roberts‘ craftsmanship created a beautiful display for our Savannah home. He used exotic leopard wood to create a very heavy, quality frame for the poster print.  The special hanging bracket also protects against “savandalism”!  The print is 18×24 and the finished product is 22.5×28.5. We will consider making these frames for special orders in the future…… Read more →

Celebrating One Year of Luna!

One year ago today, we brought this adorable little lady, Luna, home and she stole our hearts with her personality, antics, and social skills. What a whirlwind year it has been! Who knew on this exciting day that in just 4 weeks, she’d be at death’s door with an incurable disease and just days to weeks to live…and that we’d… Read more →

Fundraiser for SOCKFIP @ UCD in honor of Luna’s Final Lab Draw. $1000 Goal. (She is 7+ Months Since Her Last Injection!)

Click Here To Donate to Luna’s current FIP Fundraiser on Facebook (Facebook does not take any fees for fundraising) To learn more about SOCKFIP click here (Save Our Cats and Kittens from Feline Infectious Peritonitis). As of March 7th, with a picture-perfect and FINAL set of lab results, our sweet Luna is now considered cured of her FIP, all thanks… Read more →

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